The Bayonics & Kingpin Rowe feat. The Mo'fessionals, ELP's Erik Smyth, & Loring Jones!

Kingpin Rowe w/special guests from the Mo'fessionals, Erik Smyth, & Loring Jones!

From Raskidus The Roots connection-To tearing up the stage through the bay area with the Mo’fessional’s-To Ripping the Mic With The Elephant Listening Project- To blazing the Hippie movement with Jay Lane & The Band Of Brotherz- To appearances on stage with Jay Lane & friends, Alphabet Soup-Biambu’s Groove Room- Raw Deluxe-Monophonics-Soul Mechanics- . To Lighting up the Streets of Berkeley Cal with with live filming’s of the hit access show- Music Will Stop the War & More Live Music Please-
KingPin Rowe is active in the Bay area Music world. Teaming up with Jay Lane of Primus-Rat Dog-Further-Michael Blake of the Congress –Alphabet Soup C_B of Alphabet Soup & Zachariah Moze- to come with the first Grateful Dead Rap album Ever! Dead beats & Murderous Medley’s. With famous tracks from the Grateful Dead archive. Given permission by RHINO RECORDS The holder and controller of all Dead Archives, to use the library of the Hippie greats. Kingpin Rowe and the Band of Brotherz Created one of the most incredible Hippie Rap albums ever. It launched the first tour ”Ganjapalooza” the Band of Brotherz did all of the after party’s for the very first FURTHER TOUR! From the Fillmore West to the Fillmore east the Band of Brotherz With jay lane on the drumz made impact. Guests appearances from Bob Weir himself in Philadelphia at the North Star bar & in New York at The Gramercy theater.
His Own Venture- MUSIC WILL STOP THE WAR & MORE LIVE MUSIC PLEASE consists of some of the greatest lyrics ever written to bring awareness- enlightenment-critical thinking & solution to the War In the streets & the War in the Middle is the sight to bet a fresh breather of air and vibe from Kingpin Rowe. Born and raised in Berkeley Cal, networking all throughout the Bay Area, Kingpin Rowe has established his self in the underground Hip Hop rap Scene –the Live band Rap scene- the acoustic music scene, and the Open Mic Spoken Word realm.
The SHOPWRECKER’Z!! The New but not so knew band that is starting to rip up the bay and put it all back together again. Is basically the hard core section of the MO’FESSIONAL’S. When C-B & Rowe was ripping up the live band music scene as Mofessional’s, With hit’s Like “WHO LIKES THE BASS THE BASS THE BASS” “Punk Mofoes”- “Nightmare on Rowe Street” Rowe is teaming up with Steve Winter of Elp Erik Smyth & Loring Jones of ELP/MOfessional’s- to Re-create The SHOPWRECKER’Z! So if you like the Moe’s and any of the old hits, then when these guys play, you need to be front and center.

For those used to watching rappers posture onstage by themselves, or backed by a DJ, experiencing a group like Bayonics is a real eye-opener. As Jairo later explains, hip-hop is "definitely the easiest way" to reach young people these days. However, "when you see a live band playing hip-hop, it kinda blows your wig back."

Some call it a movement. Others say it's a revival. But there's no denying that the blending of hip-hop with live instrumentation and a variety of other genres -- including funk, jazz, salsa, reggaeton and rock -- is one of the freshest, most happening things going in the Bay Area's multicultural music scene.

The idea of a band fusing hip-hop with live instrumentation is far from an anomaly in the Bay Area -- it's part of local tradition. During the mid-'90s heyday of the acid-jazz era, groups like Alphabet Soup, the Mo'fessionals, the Broun Fellinis, Mingus Amungus and Jungle Biskit enthralled hipster crowds at such San Francisco venues as the Up & Down Club and the Elbo Room. For these artists, soul, jazz and hip-hop were all interchangeable elements of the musical mix. But though acid jazz eventually fell out of fashion, the music never stopped -- it's just taken on new forms.

Bayonics' multifaceted sound could be seen as the hip-hop generation's answer to the Latin fusion of the '70s -- think Malo and Santana, minus the guitar pyrotechnics and with a more street-wise style. Getting that sound has been an evolutionary process. The band started six years ago as a traditional salsa group, Mala Fama, that emerged out of the Loco Bloco drum ensemble.

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The Bayonics & Kingpin Rowe feat. The Mo'fessionals, ELP's Erik Smyth, & Loring Jones!

Friday, May 31 · 9:30 PM at 19 Broadway