Baron Von Swagger

Formed on New Years Eve in 2007, these long time friends and musical collaborators are about showing the world what can be done when you combine talent, focus, and ferocity.

Baron Von Swagger has so many influences from all eras and areas of music like that of: The Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Clutch, Project 86, Refused, and Drive By Truckers to name a few. All of which play a large part of their existence by inspiring them with songwriting that is both crushing and nuanced and also gives them a drive to succeed in all they do.

The Hard Rock / Southern Rock sound these boys bring to a concert as well as their stage presence, leaves people awestricken and wanting more. The high energy coming from this band will definitely leave an impact and will leave you listening to songs on repeat in your car.

Powerful and energetic, Baron Von Swagger is a full steam ahead rock band with a southern flavor and a non stop live show. Entertaining and professional this band is a full package from start to finish. Every show is worth the best they can give and NO ONE is to be disappointed.

Baron Von Swagger has had the privilage to play with such musical acts like: Cowboy Mouth, Odis, Rescue Signals, First Lady Assassins, Radio Radio, and New Science.

Fly Pig Records out of Tulsa, OK released Baron Von Swaggers’ self-produced record, “Our Home Will Be Our Own” on Friday November 13th, 2009.

Jeff Henson's career as a studio engineer and producer has heavily influenced the music of Meganaut. After working years in recording studios, Jeff stumbled upon an amazingly solid pop drummer named Mark "Coco" Brown, who was then playing with other local bands. Looking to bring back great rock riff's with equally great melodies, the two soon formed MEGANAUT. Aaron Fenton was brought in soon after to cover the low end with his unique bass lines. Most recently the great Mark Canepa, who was an original member of the band, was replaced by the fantastic Ben Fenton, who's been touring the world with Vast the last few years. Through the years of hard work and trial and error and the recent addition, Meganaut is now a shiny, loud, rock n roll beast to be reckoned with. Enjoy the rock!
Meganaut is going to take over the world with its super mega rock sound and killer attack robots When you think of Meganaut, think of pure, loud rock and roll music. Think of comic-book inspired killer robots. Imagine watching classic pulp movies with a rock and roll soundtrack, We are Meganaut.

Sleepwalking Home

With a barrage of adjectives and hyperbole, musicians describe themselves and seek to impress those unfamiliar with their work. Flowery expressions illustrate how their music transcends definition. This all, of course, is wasted space as ten seconds of a song can tell you more about a band than paragraphs will ever say.
Pretense aside, let us speak of Sleepwalking Home. A quintet from Tulsa, OK. The band consists of vocalist Michelle Ameen, guitarist Kenny Matthews, guitarist Justin Huggins, bassist Trey Landis and drummer/vocalist Nick Barton. Sleepwalking Home blends elements of Hardcore, Progressive and Pop to ride a balance between the aggressive and beautiful.
“To me it is all about showing the heavy and melodic.” Says Matthews, “I mean, there is no formula when we write a song, but somehow both sides are present when it is finished.”
There is an intelligence to the songwriting, while still maintaining unfettered energy and pop sensibility.
When asked to describe the music Ameen answered, “Our music, in a multitude of ways, sparks incredible emotion deep beneath our hard surfaces and lyrically it gives everybody something to relate to.”
Sleepwalking Home is a group of people who genuinely enjoy each other’s company and value each other’s opinion. The bi-product of which seems to be really good music.
There we have it. Sleepwalking Home. A few paragraphs of, almost, exaggeration free information, but you know the drill. Take a listen and see what you think. I am betting you will like what you hear.



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