Jeremiah Johnson Band + The Mojo Roots

Jeremiah Johnson Band

After spending 10 years in Houston TX and becoming the 1st place finalist of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Houston TX Regional Blues Challenges (sponsored by The Houston Blues Society), Jeremiah Johnson moved back to his home in St Louis in the beginning of 2009. He had a guitar, a fist full of original songs and a ton of ambition.

You can almost taste the Texas in his guitar style. Johnson has put together some of St Louis' best talents in this world class band. Jeremiah Johnson is the new face of Mississippi River blues.

Walk into a gin joint in St. Louis and you’ll likely hear the familiar “blues” sound that made the area famous. It’s lyrics about the struggles of daily living with the hallmark blues style guitar that rips at your soul and soothes the spirit.

Johnson takes that rich heritage but also blends influences that shaped his rugged youth like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, BB King, Albert Collins, Albert King, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee from Ten Years After, Les Paul, Chet Atkins, and Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., to name just a few. On top of a rich gumbo of solid songwriting, Johnson kicks it up a notch with The Sliders, Jim Rosse (trumpet) and Stuart Williams (sax).

In their 25-year tenure together, The Sliders have toured with Little Feat, Johnnie Johnson, Bob Weir of Rat Dog, and have played with too many great players to mention them all. Paired together with The Jeremiah Johnson Band, you get an energized entertainment experience that will put the honky tonk in major venues to come. After the JJB were named the 2010 St Louis "King of the Roots" winners, in November of 2010 released their debut CD "9th and Russell"! It was extremely well received by radio and fans, launching the band to bigger stages! With radio play from Alaska to Florida, US to Japan! The success of “9th and Russell” propelled the band to the forefront of the St Louis music scene and paved the way for the success of their sophomore release.

In 2011 the JJB entered in the International Blues Challenge and became the proud winners of the 2011 St Louis Blues Society IBC Challenge. They went on to represent St Louis in Memphis TN. and made it to the semi-finals! November of 2011 the JJB released "Brand Spank'n Blue". This 2nd effort in the studio has proved to be just the ticket the JJB has needed to get them to larger audiences. Local radio stations everywhere have embraced the music and it has gotten a lot of air time. January of 2012 SiriusXM's B.B. Kings Bluesville picked up two tracks off of Brand Spank'n Blue! The national exposure has the nation talking about the blues band from St Louis. With more and more fans everyday, you might see the JJB in your area real soon! The Jeremiah Johnson Band has become one of the hottest shows in town. Live music is better and they love to show you why..

The Mojo Roots

If you think there's nothing new and exciting coming out of the blues genre, you haven't heard The Mojo Roots. With performances that turn on a dime from a driving, hard-hitting shuffle to an aching, tear-dripping slow blues, the Mojo Roots brand of soul-soaked blues is captivating audiences in their home state of Missouri and beyond.

Fronting the band on harp and vocals, Jordan Thomas loses himself in every song---with incredible results. Thomas's passionate vocals and fiery harp-playing truly set The Mojo Roots apart. And when off the harp, his rhythm guitar work fills just the right niche. On the lead guitar, Trevor ''T.J.'' Judkins is quickly winning accolades as an incredibly virtuosic young guitarist, with a rich, studied tone and a patient economy of playing that is all too rare. Bassist Jim Rush, a stalwart Midwest blues performer for over three decades, sets the groove with bright, punchy bass lines. And as an accomplished front man in his own right, Rush also shares the microphone on some tunes. Paired with drummer Andy Naugle's clean and controlled backbeat, steeped in the great Chicago tradition, Rush and Naugle form an unshakeable rhythm foundation for this blues tour-de-force.

Having earned a Semi-Finalist title at the 2013 International Blues Challenge on the legendary Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, The Mojo Roots are poised to take their place on the national stage. Their new 2013 album release, What Kind of Fool, is already gaining widespread attention for its soul-soaked sound and powerful songwriting. If there was ever a doubt about the future of the genre, rest assured: The Mojo Roots are striking just the right balance between preserving and further developing the blues.



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Jeremiah Johnson Band + The Mojo Roots

Friday, July 26 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Mojo's