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The Howlin' Thurstons

The Ventures as done by the Ramones. The Howlin' Thurstons are the modern legacy of true instrumental rock n' roll as started by Link Wray.

La Petite Celine

Born and raised in Manhattan, Celine started playing the piano when she was 7 years old, but you can definitely say she has been a performer since birth. Even at age 4 and 5, whenever her parents would have guests over, Celine always took it upon herself to act as the main source of entertainment- putting on shows, singing, dancing and even making paper jewelry for the invited guests.
Though piano lessons proved successful, Celine grew bored of reading other people's music and quickly realized she enjoyed much more writing her own. At 10 years old, she wrote her first piano ballad.
She then found her voice at age 12. She joined her school chorus and band (as a percussionist) and needless to say, they became her favorite classes.
With her new found singing voice and musical knowledge and training, Celine started putting lyrics to music and began to create song. At 15 years old, Celine discovered her mother's dusty nylon string guitar and immediately fell in love. She taught herself to play and from there, Celine was off to the races, constantly playing and always writing. But she wanted more. The thrill it gave her was incomparable to anything else. She she proceeded to teach herself trumpet, mandolin and a little ukelele as well.
Celine still lives in New York City and with a good number of original songs under her belt is ready to share herself with New York.
And with all the support she has received from the people around her in this beautiful city, Celine invites you to experience her art, her truth and to watch her grow even more.

Mikhael Muya

Mikhael Muya is a singer songwriter from Durban, South Africa who has recently moved to New York City. Amongst his many travels around Africa and being exposed to all of the musical influences from the continent, he has always come back to playing some good ol’ folksy music with a soul. Mikhael started playing the guitar at the age of twelve. His music can partially be described as acoustic driven blended with elements of folk, rock, slide and country blues. Despite his African upbringing, he still finds himself influenced by artists such as the Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, the Police and the Rolling Stones. His modern day influences include Ben Harper and Hurray for the Riff Raff, among many others.

Extended Play

The Divorce

The Divorce, is a psychedelic power rock trio, founded in Brooklyn New York by the multimedia artist born in Quito Ecuador Patricio Jijon Maldonado, on slide guitar and vocals. The video artist and producer born in Miami USA Stephanie Garcia Alban on bass guitar and vocals.
And the half Italian half Ecuadorian Filippo Burbano Fantastichini on drums
Fell Happy be Free, support The Divorce, come to our group therapy shows



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The Howlin' Thurstons with La Petite Celine, Mikhael Muya, Extended Play, The Divorce

Thursday, August 1 · 7:00 PM at RBar