The Summer of Strange Tour Feat: Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Cool Nutz, & Mayday

It’s not every day a musical genius is born. On July 14, 2009, KRIZZ KALIKO will release his second solo CD, GENIUS,. Along for KRIZZ KALIKO’s aurally eclectic rollercoaster ride are E-40, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob and, Strange’s flagship artist, Tech N9ne. Powered by a fusion of funk, rap, rock, R&B and opera – a self-made style KRIZZ KALIKO calls “Funkra” – GENIUS covers the entire spectrum of genres, from the slow and seductive “Get Off” with Tech N9ne and the rock-flavored “The Chemical” to the street anthem “Back Pack” and the album’s crossover single, “Misunderstood.”

Stevie Stone

For Stevie Stone, the release of Rollin’ Stone, his debut album on Strange Music, signals a move
beyond his past and his arrival with the premier independent rap company. “The album is all
about progression,” he says. “It’s about my shift from Ruthless Records over to Strange Music.
Everything about Strange is about getting out and touching the people. Everybody’s in tune
with the music and with what I’m doing. I’ve got their undivided attention. They make sure they
know and understand their artists.”
Stone backs his words up on the explosive, bass-heavy lead single “808 Bendin’,” which features
a remarkable verse from Strange Music honcho, Tech N9ne. The two bonded early on regarding
their mutual love for the 808 drum machine that was a signature of many classic rap songs
created in the 1980s.
“I’m 808-driven,” Stone says. “I love that pulse, that backbone. Without pulse, there is no life.
That’s what Tech is always saying. I heard the beat for ‘808 Bendin’,’ did the verse and the
hook. I thought it was something way, way different for Tech.”
Stone keeps the energy at a fever pitch on the confrontational “Raw Talk”, featuring Hopsin and
SwizZz, the menacing “Get Buck” and the stark “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”, featuring
Kutt Calhoun.
Elsewhere, Stone showcases his storytelling abilities on the tremendous “Dollar General.”
Inspired by the 2007 film, Street Thief, Stone flows with a controlled fury about robbing a series
of businesses. WillPower’s somber, piano-driven beat and the whispery chorus, delivered by
Yelawolf, create a potent, otherworldly, sonic ambiance. “I put it like it was a dream,” Stone
explains. “I’m not saying that I’m the one that’s robbing. It’s almost like I’m watching the movie
and fall asleep. It’s about my dream.”
Music has enabled Stone to live out his dreams and escape his problems. On the soulful “My
Remedy,” he details how his problems fade away as soon as he hits the stage. Nonetheless,
music has not provided a total escape. The wistful “2 Far” reveals how Stone’s love for music
has created tremendous struggle in his relationship with his woman.
Then there’s the dramatic “My Life.” On this emotional cut, Stone details the challenges he’s
created for himself and his family by pursuing his music career. Although the emotions were
raw, the song took Stone nearly two years to write. “I was wrestling with how much I want to
give to the people,” he says. “It’s revealing a lot of stuff. I’m talking about my being away from
my kids, my family and loved ones. I’d been writing it for a year or two because I had the beat
for a minute, but I didn’t know how much I really wanted to put out there. I just let go and let the
music take me.”
Music has taken Stone on the road. Given his love for touring, it makes Stone a natural fit on
Strange Music, as one of the company’s key components is its touring enterprise. Add in Stone’s
bond with Tech, his high quality music and his dedication to his craft and it’s no wonder Stone
is the latest addition to the Strange Music roster. It’s also why Stone wrote the song “Perfect
“My first show ever, when I was in high school, was with Tech. Eleven years later, it comes full
circle,” he says. “I’m on the label. It’s something that I’ve always wanted. I think I’m a perfect
fit with them.”
Born and raised in Columbia, Missouri, Stone has been surrounded by music his entire life. His
mother was a singer and choir director who played piano and organ. One of his sisters also sang
and played instruments. While his mother favored gospel, blues and the work of Marvin Gaye,
Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross, his sisters listened to rap and R&B, providing a wide
range of sounds, styles and artistic influences.
By the time he was five, music consumed Stone. When a beat would start playing, Stone would
be instantly compelled to dance. He later started playing the piano and practicing on the drums.
Stone was simultaneously developing his basketball skills. He received an offer to play
basketball at a junior college in Des Moines, Iowa, and was going to pursue the opportunity.
A few weeks before he was slated to report to school, Stone landed a performance as an
opening act at a concert at the Fulton Fairgrounds. “When I hit that stage, I got the bug,” he
recalls. “There was no doubt about it. Music was what I was going to do. I’ve never turned
Within a few years, Stone secured a production deal in St. Louis with Fly Moves Productions,
requiring he relocate from Columbia. Stone jumped at the opportunity. “You should never be
content with where you’re at,” he says. “I’ve got the shoot-for-the-moon-end-up-in-the-stars type
of attitude.”
Stone signed in 2007 with Ruthless Records, the label founded by the late gangster rap pioneer
Eazy-E and the recording home of N.W.A. While signed to the imprint, he learned the work ethic
needed in order to succeed in the music industry. He realized that an artist has to do as much as
possible for themselves and not rely on a label.
So, when Stone parted ways with Ruthless a few years later, he was poised for success. He
reconnected with Tech N9ne and Strange Music, which had developed into rap’s biggest
independent success story.
Now, with Rollin’ Stone about to arrive in stores, Stevie Stone realizes that his climb to success
isn’t over. “After every ladder, there’s another ladder. You’ve got to keep climbing the ladder,
keep moving. That’s what I’m doing right now.”

¡MAYDAY! may sound like a battleship distress
call, but the Miami-based hip hop group is
generating a sound too strong for any ship to produce. The unique blend of electro-rock fusion is
changing the frontier of music as they flex their muscles in areas of funk that hip hop has yet to explore.
Their call to attention and explosive live show is impossible to ignore and have earned the group
accolades from critics, music aficionados and hip hop artists alike. ¡MAYDAY!'s recent series of EP's
has set off media alarms throughout 2009 and provided music fans with a taste of the near future as they
prepare to release their sophomore album Stuck on an Island in 2010.

With close to 20 years of service to Hip-Hop culture, Terrance Scott pka Cool Nutz has been a class act and Diplomat for Northwest Hip-Hop. While some have chosen to simply pursue success on an individual basis, Cool Nutz chose to put the region and City of Portland on his back and work to give an area typically unheard a voice.

From starting the highly successful Jus Family Records, to 2 major label record deals with Big Beat/Atlantic and Universal Records, to co-founding The Portland Oregon Hip-Hop Festival(12 years running), to creating and programming The Northwest Breakout Show(Wild 107.5 Portland/Clearchannel), to being showcased in Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum alongside Sir Mix A Lot, Cool Nutz has built quite the body of work that will go down in the history books of Northwest music.

With 9 solo albums to his credit and appearances with the likes of E-40, BG, Tech N9ne, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Baby Bash, Mac Dre, The Grouch, C-Bo, and more, Cool Nutz has built an amazing resume, and looks to continue that with the upcoming release of his latest album “The Cook Up”.

On “The Cook Up” Cool Nutz continues to validate why he has been one of the most credible and talented voices to come from the Northwest and continues to add to his already impressive legacy. The key about “The Cook Up” is that Cool Nutz will be offering the project to fans for absolutely FREE. With appearances from Bosko, Potluck, Illmaculate, Mikey Vegaz, Maniac Lok, TxE, Kenny Mack, and more, you can rest assured that there will be plenty witty lyricism and slick wordplay to keep you glued to your speakers or headphones. And if the appearances aren’t enough, the bonus is mind blowing production from heavyhitter tracksmiths DJ Quik, Bosko, Trox, Tope, LawzSpoken, HI-Q, and Terminill.

Look for standout tracks “Tax Brackets”, “The Gas Team” featuring Bosko, “Superman” featuring Mikey Vegaz, “Love” featuring TxE, and the title track “The Cook Up” to keep your listening attention, as Cool Nutz proves why he continues to be looked at as one of the shining stars of the Northwest music scene.

The Pound Game

Poundgame music originated in the late year of 2011, when Addison (CEO), and Quezo found their passion for music. In the early year of 2012, Poundgame later connected with the Team Topsider Group. Team Topsider’s originated in the late year of 2010 with Swaggified(CEO) by himself, until later that same year QU4D and other talented artist joined like DeeNasty, and T’ Raw. Jonny Lama was a competitor of the group until Mid-2011, when they settled their differences and he officially joined the TTS Group. Poundgame Music/ Team Topsider’s is a Hip-Hop/ Rap group out of Columbia, Mo that has grown a steady fan base by their creative style’s, clever lyrics, and affect they have on their audience.
PGM/TTS has headlined many shows at venues like the Blue Fugue, Mojo’s, and The Bridge in Columbia, Mo, and many more. PGM/TTS has open up for the likes of Stevie Stone, Bone Thugz and Harmony, Twista, and Nelly. Poundgame Music Group dropped their very first Mix tape called “All Star Rookies” on Sept, 14th , 2013. While artist Swaggified from TTS released his very first Mix tape “Champagne Year” on Sept 29th, 2013. Their our five major faces in the Poundgame/Team Topsider Group, which is Addison(PGM CEO), QU4D, Quezo, Swaggified(TTS CEO), and T’Raw.
Addison (Chris Addison) was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Moved to Columbia, Mo when he was 14 years old. Addison started rapping at the age of 13 years old when he would love playing drums in church, and would love making goofy flows to the beats he was playing. Addison Always had a love for music. He has always been creative, and unique, and always had a certain swagger that applies to his music and performances. Addison Inspiration for music is to follow his Uncle Stevie Stone footsteps, continue what his grandpa started him off doing, who died in Oct 2007, days before Addison Birthday, and has a unbreakable passion for music. QU4D (Quadree Rudd) was born in Hannibal, Mo, and raised in Columbia, Mo. QU4D started rapping at the age of 14 years old. QU4D has always been unique, and had a style to him that very few got. QU4D does not only rap, he is also an excellent singer. QU4D inspiration for music is because his mom was an inspiring rapper, and he just loves music.
Quezo (Antwon Turnage) was born in East Saint Louis, Mo. Moved to Columbia, Mo at the age of 14 years old. Quezo started rapping at the age of 15 years old when he realized he always started trends, and had that type of effect on people, and knew he would love giving people good music, and would have a steady fan base to start off with. Quezo has a unique swagger to him that most wish they had, his voice and creative flow is very applied to his music, and performances. Quezo inspiration for music is for the love and fun of music that he has had ever since his older brother started rapping and showed him the joy in creating music.
Swaggified (Anthony Mullen) was born in Saint Louis. He constantly moved back and forth between St. Louis and Columbia, Mo until the age of 12, when finally family decided to stay in Columbia. Swaggified started rapping at the age of 8 years old, when he frequently would just write random lyrics in class or draw pictures. Swaggified is very different from the rest of the group when it comes to his music. Swaggified pain and what he has been through in life goes into his music, and performances a lot. Swaggified does not name himself Swag because of the clothes he wears, but because his name stands for “Somebody with a Goal”. Swag inspiration for music is to be great, and to tell stories.
T’Raw was born in East Saint Louis, Mo. Moved to Columbia, Mo at the age of 4 years old. Started rapping when mentor/friend Swaggified enhanced his rapping talent, and showed him the difference in being just a rapper compared to being an artist. T’Raw inspiration for music is for the fun and the creativity he brings to the table.
The Poundgame/ Team Topsider Music Group all met in highschool and have been together ever since then. PGM/TTS has many others in this powerful music group that makes this group complete. Poundgame/Team Topsider’s has an amazing group of artist that all love music, and all have different styles, that combined makes one unique style that most groups don’t have.


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The Summer of Strange Tour Feat: Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Cool Nutz, & Mayday with Spade Ripper, The Pound Game

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