Zombie Dance Party with Jake's Leg + The Widdler + Shlump

Jake's Leg

Jake’s Leg has been in existence in the St. Louis area for 35 years now. Although different players have come and gone in the band, its musical spirit and intent has remained. It was started as a duo by guitarist and vocalist, Randy Furrer and Tim Fahy in the mid-1970’s. Lead guitarist, Dave Casper, joined soon after. Joe Trunko (bass and vocals) joined in 1990, and Bill Noltkamper (keyboards and vocals) joined in 1991. The newest member of the band is Ryan Wilhite on drums/percussion (joined in 2005).

Over the years, Jake’s Leg has played to thousands of people, cutting across age and lifestyle demographics. To say they copy the Dead would be a mistake. They tend to interpret the material with their own identity musically and emotionally. For instance, Dave Casper’s lead solos pay homage to Jerry Garcia, but also Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana and Miles Davis. This hybrid of styles ends up working into the music.

There is a distinct joy that takes place on any given evening that transcends the typical musical experience. Somewhat irrelevant is the band’s thought process to the outcome of a Jake’s Leg performance. It seems to simply happen. People leave their troubles or concerns at the door and slide happily into “fun”.

Jake’s Leg relies on the energy of its audience, which is an integral part of the musical experience. This ongoing dialogue between the musicians and the listener is a component of the successful journey the band has realized for over 35 years. If people find this unspoken conversation between the band and its audience a bit bewildering, a quote from a Dead bumper sticker says it all.....

The Widdler

Born in Tel Aviv and now based in Texas (US), The Widdler is a veteran producer in the bass music community. Over the past several years, he has been delivering highly-original productions ranging over countless different sub-genres. In addition to his versatility, The Widdler's incredible concept of melody and dynamic range sets him apart from other producers and is something that is tough to find in the production world today. With an extensive collection of unreleased gems and quality releases on label's such as Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz, OWSLA, and Mal Label, this is one producer that never fails to impress. Taking inspiration from dubstep, hip hop, reggae, jazz, world music, movies, and the occasional dab, The Widdler is ultimately able to create an incredible amalgamation of deep, dark, heavy, emotional, and forward-thinking bass music. The music truly speaks for itself

prime dub recordings, bombeatz musik, primal productions

Shlump also know as; Michael Petzel, has been making music for many years. With a background knowledge of classical guitar, drums, piano, and many years of playing live music in bands. Shlump has a unique perspective of music, and brings a wide range of interesting styles and sounds to the dance floor.
Shlump Criminal’s Super Dope Bass Adventure. Shlump has a very unique sound. blending many different styles and genres together his music is packed with ever changing melodies ,rhythmic progressions, chopped up samples, and very heavy psychedelic baselines.


Sir Racha

I like to play music for people.

KILLINOIZE Productions

Hailing from Springfield, IL, Armando Zuniga aka “MonDope” is a fresh force to be reckoned with. Although he has only been performing live and promoting for about 3 1/2 years and Producing a little over 1 year still learning the elements of electronic music, MonDope is no stranger to the scene. With an eclectic arsenal of music ranging from roots of reggae, metal to hip-hop and underground, as well as many different forms of electronic music, there is never a dull moment in his sets. In the summer of 2010 Mondope came together with other local DJ's/Producers to form Killinoize, a production company interested in bringing the new wave of bass music to Illinois’ own capitol city.
Killinoize quickly gained a following of like-minded enthusiasts and bass heads in the region. Mondope’s sets are energetic and demand your attention. He will bring anything from glitch-hop to dubstep, drum & bass, crunk, moombahton, breaks, funk and even jungle/reggae to the dance floor. Able to feel out any crowd at any moment, he delivers a HEADY blend to get down to, already playing along side National acts such as Jantsen, Hugs&Drugs, Pretty Lights, Michael Menert, Love & Light, NastyNasty, TankMan, Trowa, Udachi, VibeSquad, DNAE BEATS, R/D, NiTGriT, Splatinum, Minnesota, Freddy Todd, Omega, Elfkowitz, Project Pat, Grimblee, The Car Thief, Alpaca, Phaded, Spankalicous and more to come. He was also the winner of the 312 DJ Battle Royale which gave MonDope an artist spot at the 312 Vibe Tent at Summer Camp Music Festival 2011. Also making his first appearance at Tall Tree Lake Festival 2011 playing a set right after Ill-Esha and Joe Mousepad. The year of 2012 was very busy for MonDope playing shows in different cities such as Dayton OH, Cinncinatti OH, Davenport IA, Rock Island IL, Charleston, IL and Kansas City, MO just to name a few. Making his mark in the Midwest in 2012 opening for some huge events such as Global Dance Music Festival and Halloween with Datsik this made it a very successful 2012. Expect nothing but the best in 2013 from this Artist and Promoter as he begins his journey in more advanced music production after teaching himself and learning more and more from Certified Abelton Live Instructor Vespers.


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Killinoize Productions Presents Zombie Dance Party 2 with Jake's Legs (A Grateful Dead Tribute) (2 Sets) followed by The Widdler & Shlump, and opening sets by Sir Racha & Sonder's and a Special 30 min intermission Funk/Reggae set between both Jake's Leg Sets by MonDope.

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Donnie's Homespun - Springfield


Zombie Dance Party with Jake's Leg + The Widdler + Shlump with Sonder's, Sir Racha, Hood E. Klimate

Friday, October 25 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Donnie's Homespun - Springfield

Tickets Available at the Door