Cryptic Wisdom, WILDCARD

Cryptic Wisdom

What would happen if you came across the ginger brainchild of Linkin Park, Tech N9ne and Three Days Grace? Some might argue that they'd shoot on sight, while some would rather just hug it and thank it for possessing the genes of some of the most controversial musicians to ever touch a mic. Variety is in all in a day's work for a mohawk-bearing teenager like Cryptic Wisdom, and he never ceases to transcend from genre to genre, equally mastering each craft to the best of his abilities. He has a natural talent for songwriting and creating melodic hooks, consistently delivering a real and raw energy that has not been present in the industry for a long time. With three mixtapes under his belt, four EP's on the way and an LP under development, Cryptic Wisdom shows no signs of slowing down. He's a high school drop out with piercings and tattoos; music has pretty much always been his only option in life. Nothing else ever made sense. Over time, he's shared the stage with many influential musicians including (but not limited to) Andre Nickatina, Twista, D12, Mims, Potluck, Willy Northpole, Crooked I, etc. and is already making waves across the country. With a firm belief that every day brings substantial progress, there's not a doubt in his mind that his time has come to show the world what he is capable of, and nothing will stand in his way on his crusade to the top.



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