Chain And The Gang, Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, Calvin Johnson, Erin Earthling

Chain And The Gang


Yes – you heard that right!

They say: “Depend on us for martial rhythms, minimal riffs with maximum fuzz, bass throbs, shrieks, shouts, mutters, and confessions, as well as bewitching call and response tunes to make any indentured work force proud.”

Oh sure; the “Independent Set,” or the “indies” as they like to say, dig their groups and that’s all fine … if you are into nice, unassuming, and thoroughly respectable “music.” But the “Deps” – represented by CHAIN & THE GANG, are into something else.

They Depend on the manic thrill of outlaw noise and performance … they need it like a fish needs water, like a bird needs air, like a heart depends on love. And dependability is what CHAIN & THE GANG provides. Dependably perverse, dependably ecstatic, dependably astonishing. CATG’s audience depends on them to bring the moveable riot into the local clubhouse … they depend on the tunes too, crying out for “CERTAIN KINDS OF TRASH”, “FREE WILL” and “HUNTING FOR LOVE” from the new CATG LP “IN COOL BLOOD”.
Yes, that’s right – a third CHAIN & THE GANG record. After 2009′s “DOWN WITH LIBERTY … UP WITH CHAINS!” and 2011′s “MUSIC’S NOT FOR EVERYONE“, the world said: “CHAIN & THE GANG just can’t possibly top themselves.” But you know what? CHAIN & THE GANG proved those doubters wrong.
“IN COOL BLOOD,” starring CHAIN & THE GANG troublemakers Ian F Svenonius Katie Alice Greer, features Brett Lyman playing the electric guitar, Chris Sutton on electric bass guitar, and Fiona Campbell driving the drumkit, as well as a combo of CHAIN & THE GANG stalwarts and ringers like Brian Weber (organ), Fred Thomas (bass guitar), Amber Fellows (piano), Spencer Kelley (electric guitar) and Austin Cooper (bongos). All recorded by Calvin Johnson at the infamous Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia Washington and released on the K Record Label!
“IN COOL BLOOD” is CHAIN & THE GANG’s most dependable record yet. One listen and you too will count yourself a “Dep.”


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Chain And The Gang, Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, Calvin Johnson, Erin Earthling

Wednesday, May 22 · 8:00 PM at Ran Tea House

Tickets Available at the Door