Mercer and Johnson

Mercer and Johnson

Mercer and Johnson, Brock "Fat Knee" Johnson and S. Mercer are a hill-billy pop band, specializing in sounds from the American past and present.

The duo embodies the Do It Yourself idea, one or the other, writes, designs, records and generally controls everything about the group.

Since June of 2010, when they put their first recordings online for free, they have toured consistently through the South and Midwest, playing anywhere they possibly can. The pair have logged thousands of miles and thousands of downloads.

In December of 2010 the band completed a 6 song cd, titled "Oregano", available only at shows.
In September of 2011 the band released another 6 song effort, titled "Road Noise", it is availble on Itunes
Amazon mp3 and a large variety of other digital sources.

Adam Lee

In the world of a working band there is no greater constant than the road. Few know this better than Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company, the Kansas City band who put their original spin on that classic country sound. With the release of their sophomore album, 'When the Spirits Move Me,' Lee and company touch on many of the elements so familiar to their life on the road. From wild nights in far away towns, to barroom brawls and goodbye kisses, the band expertly explain their travelling life. All with the swingin' shuffles and country flair of your favorite 45's. But then again, winding highways and endless mile markers are something they know well.

Upon completion of their first record, 'Ghostly Fires,' the band commenced a wide-spread and heavy touring schedule. Since the release of 'Ghostly Fires' the band has also spent a good deal of time refining their already unique sound. While their first album touches on the more subtle tones of Americana, 'When the Spirits Move Me' focuses on the band's affinity for classic country. Twelve tracks of heartbreaking honky tonk that sound right at home in the swingin beer joints and rural roadhouses the band often plays.

Leading the way is Adam Lee whose basement baritone perfectly presents the highs and lows of life on the road. Joining Lee are Johnny Kay (electric guitar, mandolin) and Boomerang Dave Bruchmann (upright bass), and when this train starts a-chuggin, folks had better hold on. Their live show is a rowdy and rollicking good time full of all original honky tonk music -- songs to drink to, cry to, and most of all dance to. So bring a date, grab a drink, and don't forget your dancin' shoes. Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company are headed down the highway, and there's no end in sight.


MINORS: $2 surcharge @ door

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Mercer and Johnson with Adam Lee, Brook Blanche of The Calamity Cubes

Monday, May 13 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Rose Music Hall