FREE! Queen Caveat, THEBlack&THEWhite, The Moonbeams, Dekades, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 6-9pm

Queen Caveat

QUEEN CAVEAT, the hard-hitting, explosive Los Angeles-based rock band led by maniacal front-woman Lauren Little, kicked off 2012 with a bang as they released their much-anticipated sophomore studio EP, “Slap on the Wrist”. The wild success of their first EP, “Emptor” ultimately led the band to a much-hyped string of packed showcases at Austin’s SXSW Festival 2011/2012, followed shortly by a headlining slot at The Roxy Theatre for The Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011. Performances at both festivals drew rave reviews from fans, bloggers, and music executives around the country, including NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd who called the shows “an adrenaline shot directly to your jugular vein” and a “journey into the black heart of the universe”. Music lovers across the country took note, as news of the re-invention of the “LA Rock” sound spread like wildfire. With the world-famous Sunset Strip as their home turf, QUEEN CAVEAT mobilized their burgeoning fan base to a series of widely acclaimed shows around the west coast.

The enormous buzz earned the attention of ABC News, who featured QUEEN CAVEAT in a 2-hour 20/20 documentary titled “Sunset Boulevard”, on April 21st, 9pm-11pm EST 2012.

THEBlack & THEWhite

TheBlack&TheWhite began when Julio Tavarez started creating music with long time friend and producer Justin Kaupp. "My vision has always been clear to me. It was just time to record the music I was always meant to record. Justin helped bring those ideas to life." said Tavarez. He goes on, saying "I love music that physically moves me." TheBlack&TheWhite represents a new chapter in Tavarez's music, featuring lush sonic landscapes and chaotic, bombastic exploratory electro-production, mixed with the uniquely passionate vocals that only Tavarez can deliver.

"People really like to talk negatively about the current state of music. Especially the electronic element. The truth is, I'm inspired by the old and the new all at the same time. Artists like Fela Kuti, CAN, Pink Floyd, Black Flag and D'Angelo have affected my life just as much as the work of Little Dragon, Kanye West and Daft Punk.. It's all there." said Tavarez.

Longtime drummer Cliff Sarcona and Julio Tavarez have always shared what moves them. While they love writing music, both Sarcona and Tavarez are at their best when performing. "Performing live is where we thrive in the moment. This project is going to elevate our live show in ways Cliff and I have always wanted." said Tavarez. "Expect to be uplifted and leave feeling inspired by our live show." adds Sarcona.

TheBlack&TheWhite have plenty of music already recorded, and continue to write almost daily. "This journey will include lots of music along the way" Julio said, "and this makes us very happy."

In support of their new project, TheBlackandTheWhite will be touring and plan on releasing more music in Spring of 2013.

The Moonbeams

The Moonbeams are a Los Angeles based band with members that orchestrate and demonstrate tremendous talent. Beck Black on vocals and keys, Nick Maybury on electric guitar, and Adam Alt on drums. The music is Rock N Roll at its roots, and futuristic in its approach "Cosmic Rock". As a trio, their sound is electric, electrifying, and enthralling. LA Weekly wrote of the Moonbeams and lead singer Beck Black "At times her moody blues evoke the Doors at their strangest, or perhaps a more gothic Nico, wrapped up in a web of eerily spidery harpsichord lines. At other times, the Moonbeams kick out the jams with a punk-rock intensity, pushing Black madly along as she reverses gender roles on an apocalyptic version of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," before switching back to the shadowy, simmering soul of febrile ballads like "On my Way".-Falling James 7/6/12. The Moonbeams made their first radio appearance 6/11/12 on "Indies in Motion" via Global Voice Radio, Performing live the song that brought the band together "On My Way" aka The Canyon song, with a powerful interview and introduced the single "Lovers in the Dark, Living in the Light", a song about a NYC bound train. One week later "Lovers in the Dark, Living in the Light" was featured on London's Hot 102.8 Fm radio. The band formed in November of 2011 and is rocketing to the moon and back with theatrical performances, story telling lyrics, and a stellar wave of sound that makes the Moonbeams shine and rock on uniquely.


Los Angeles based Dekades is an emerging artist bringing a dark sound to a scene drowned in happiness. Their brand of post-industrial rock infused with nefarious electronics is a step off the beaten path of “popular” music, but is infectious in its own right. Dekades first single “You&Him" off of their upcoming EP, gives off an ethereal feeling with a soundtrack like sound that will surely find it's way in many films to come.

Well known blogging site and community AntiQuiet ( recently premiered the video for "You&Him" and had this to say about Dekades headlining show at The Viper Room in Los Angeles. "Dekades is a recent discovery of ours and we think a lot of you will be able to get down with their dark & dirty devilish rock, with some electronic twists and turns to keep the haunted hayride interesting".

"Dekades will satiate the burning hunger of your unspoken desires, while exposing the beauty of the imperfect".


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FREE! Queen Caveat, THEBlack&THEWhite, The Moonbeams, Dekades, $2 Well Drinks/PBR + $5 speciality cocktails from 6-9pm

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