Marvin Tate

Marvin Tate

Marvin Tate is the resident artist in June at the Hideout. Tate in his many incarnations (Poet, Talk-Show Host, Performance Artist, Time traveler, Soul Agitator, Singer-Songwriter and Funk-Meister) has worn many hats in his twenty-plus career and for this residency will call upon all of his alter-egos to help him discover new foundation, with help from musical guests: multi-instrumentalist: Mikal Avery, Khari Lemuel (The Black Monks of Mississippi) Dan Bitney, Fred Lonberg Holms, Juan Dies (The Sones of Mexico), P Michael (Ono), Vell Mullens of Moses Gunn, George Blaize (d-settlement) Adam Fitz and Avery R. Young.

June 4th and 11th
Poems and Spoken Word Experimentations
With Special Guests
Khari/ Lemuel (Black Monks of Mississippi and Lo-Tide Trio)
Mikal Avery (Lo Tide Trio)
Juan Dies (Sones de Mexico Ensemble)
Fred Lonberg

June 18th
Improvisations and Freak-outs
With Special Guests
Dan Bitney (Tortoise)
P Michael (Ono)
Vell Mullens of Moses Gunn
George Blaize (D-settlement)

June 25th
Gospel/Soul Experimentations
With Special Guests
Avery R. Young
Khari Lemuel
Mikel Avery
Fred Lonberg
Adam Fitz


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