Home Grown Hip Hop Showcase

Home Grown Hip Hop Showcase

Management and promotion company catering to the up and coming urban artists.

Line up:
DJ J.B. Chill
Mel Balu and the Hyphy Crew
Second Hand King
Cuff Da BossMann
and more.....

The Abnorm

The Abnorm (aka L-wood, A.B.N.O., Abba-Niggy-Normal, Richard McSkitzo, Mr. All About Ya Momma, etc) escaped thru the tunnel of life on March 14, 1991. Ever since then, he's been a different person....

$5.00 - $7.00


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Czar Bar

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Home Grown Hip Hop Showcase with Stitch81, Gunnjakc, RICHI2STIKS OF ORIGINAL CREW W/ HUEY P. NUISANCE & RHE'ANA, The Abnorm, Ir Neko

Monday, June 24 · 8:00 PM at Czar Bar