The Elwins

Ontario-based indie pop outfit The Elwins have garnered an impressive pile of attention and praise considering their relative youth. From performing alongside acts like Tokyo Police Club, Arkells, Born Ruffians, Brendan Canning, and Walk Off The Earth or at festivals including SXSW, CMW, POP Montreal, and the Halifax Pop Explosion to being heralded an “act to watch” by tastemakers like Exclaim!, CBC Radio 3, and, The Elwins have rapidly risen the rungs of the Canadian independent music scene – and all before a full-length offering to their name; however, that changed with the release of their highly-anticipated long-player And I Thank You.

The band was born in 2008 when vocalist/guitarist Matthew Sweeney and drummer Travis Stokl bonded in a high-school hallway over their mutual love of The Flaming Lips. The two began writing songs together under the new banner and thereafter welcomed longtime friend Feurd Moore to handle keyboard and guitar duties. Most recently the band has welcomed Frankie Figliomeni to the fold, playing the bass guitar. Since then they’ve seen their audience and, subsequently, the excitement surrounding their LP expand exponentially.

Recorded in Seattle, produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) and Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Blonde Redhead, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks), and mixed by L.Stu Young (Prince, Sum 41), And I Thank You features a refined version of the band’s bouncy brand of ‘60s-tinged pop rock first revealed on their self-titled EP in 2010. Sweeney’s soothing vocals interplay beautifully with the band’s simple-yet-substantial arrangements, resulting in a sound that’s simultaneously fresh and familiar.

Songs like “Propinquity,” “On Your Doorstep,” and “Stuck In The Middle,” the first single from the album, boast a driving and danceable pace with some seriously sticky throwback melodies while others like “I Miss You And I” and “Behind My Eyes” are more serene in their delivery, directing further focus towards the band’s talent for writing tasteful, memorable lyrics while still carrying that undeniable overall charm.

That charm emerges more immediately, though, during the band’s lauded live shows. Dripping with fun (and facial hair), The Elwins’ notoriously high-energy sets are full of smile-inducing sing-alongs and plenty of crowd participation. The energy emitted by the band is absorbed by audiences and reciprocated tenfold, resulting in an ever-escalating give-and-take that makes instant fans of any casual listeners within earshot.

Their quirky creativity also manifests itself outside of their musical output, be it onstage or in-studio, with the band designing and making many of their own merch items (which can range from mugs and sunglasses to pillows and tote bags) and producing their own series of videos.

The Elwins may not take themselves too seriously, but the same can’t be said for their career. It’s all part of an effort to continually engage their audience while also adding to it, and needless to say, it’s a formula that’s been working wonders thus far. With the release of And I Thank You, their profile can only be propelled upward, and there are plenty of people wondering just how high.

Chase King

New York, NY— Wonderland Archives is thrilled to announce the July 24th release of South Tropical Trail, the new full-length LP by Chase King, featuring new single "Bed of Lies". His musical chairs style is on full display on this newest release, so much so that it's hard to believe that South Tropical Trail – his second solo record and first for Wonderland Archives – was orchestrated by him, and him alone.

Chase King creates pop gems in Brooklyn, NY. With a long evolution from drummer to singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has developed a highly nuanced, handcrafted sound. Shifting with ease between driving rhythms and a textured, folksy psychedelia, his songs become so much more than the sum of their parts. King blends backwards loops, atmospheric swells, and delicate vocal harmonies to create a lush quilt of experimental Americana. Moody and earnest, his lyrics provide a contrast to the music, which richens the view- as if you're seeing opposite sides of the same coin. Tinged with the breezy feel of dark tropicalia, this is the perfect summer listen.

Wonderland Archives is a decidedly Queens based record label. Founded by Gainesville, Florida transplants Boyd Shropshire (Kurt Vile, Human Television) and Cassandra Ferland, it fosters a handcrafted sound and collaborative environment among its artists who also include Slow Country and Matt Raddick (Holopaw).

The Ugly Club

Fearlessly honest and unwaveringly persistent, The Ugly Club has been operating for nearly two years with such a force that it has become impossible to ignore them (and you would be foolish to do so). With the July 2012 release of their debut album, "You Belong To The Minutes", The Ugly Club is vocally ambitious and teeming with intelligent arrangements not unlike the most progressive artists of our time. Reaching psychedelic highs comparable to My Morning Jacket and Radiohead, the delicate inclusion of jazz, indie-rock, and Prince-eqsue neo-funk sends listeners into an unanticipated daydream.

Since the humble beginnings of The Ugly Club in various small towns throughout central New Jersey, the band has had high aspirations and an unfaltering vision of their career path. Two self-released/produced EPs deep, the band has independently toured the east coast playing notable venues and festivals like SXSW in Austin, TX and has received praise from publications like CMJ, PASTE, FILTER, Guitar World & countless others. "If White Arrows were the hardest working 'official' SXSW band, The Ugly Club was the hardest working 'unofficial' band," says Mike Henneberger of Stages &, regarding the bands' tireless efforts busking, promoting and playing gigs during music week. With the help of both DIY marketing and free-download distribution through Frostwire and other online outlets, the bands' previous release, "Visions of Tall Girl" EP has surpassed 100k downloads worldwide.

"The Ugly Club is the kind of band male teenagers envy and teenage females dream about. And with an effort this strong, it's only a matter of time before lines will be too long, ticket pre-sales will sell out and their faces will be ever-present," stated Greg Robson of in the early days of The Ugly Club. The musical self-realization and drive behind this mammoth sound has only grown since then, setting the tempo for the future of The Ugly Club. Now, it's just a matter of time. Join The Ugly Club & follow all current happenings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

Four Visions is the moniker of the American singer songwriter Daniel Abary. He blends sounds of minimal folk music, washes of shoegaze noise, electronic drum machines, and collages of sampled tones. The project was born in 2009 in the New Jersey native's hometown as a collection of unpolished bedroom recordings of stark vocals and classical guitars. In late 2010 Four Visions was put on hold due to Abary's pursuits in fronting Brooklyn band, Sight Seeing. It was revisted earlier this year to a newer more realized sound finding influences that range from the ambient drones of Windy & Carl, dream-pop sensibilities of Cocteau Twins, and the unsaturated lo-fidelity of The Microphones.


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