Delorean is an unheard of scenario in popular music: 4 guys from the Basque country currently based in Barcelona, free as air, high on O2, who have gradually moved away from the punk scene, and are now ready to embrace the kind of club music that a pop band would play. In 2008, Delorean became focused on the remix business, working on tracks for The Teenagers, The Mystery Jets, The Big Pink, Lemonade and Glasser, which garnered support from Pitchfork, The Fader or XL8R as well as many other popular music websites.

In May 2009, Delorean released the Ayrton Senna EP which confirmed that 2009 is definitely a good year for the band. Pitchfork reviewed both the track "Seasun" and the album "Ayrton Senna EP" as 'best new music', and NME, The Fader, The Guardian, XLR8R and ABC News also gave the record excellent reviews.

Their 2nd lp is just about to come out.

"For a band with such a negative sounding name, NO aren’t all doom and gloom. Like a less-maudlin version of the National stripped of their baroque tastes, the Echo Park quintet deliver their ambitious, post-punk songs with an admirable amount of earnestness and a healthy dose of optimism. Riding off a strong, brooding atmosphere their determined verses and their uplifting choruses resonate to a level that’s usually reached by bands who are already playing arenas. “What’s Your Name?” builds its elements into a tempest of militant drums and sweeping guitars that sustains the band’s anthemic rush. Similar to Interpol’s most grandiose moments but with a Los Angeles vibe instead of the chilly Brooklyn cool, “What’s Your Name?” is an immediate introduction to a quintet that are aiming for an Arcade Fire level of grandiosity, and they’re starting to get pretty close." --KCRW

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