Jammin' For Hammitt Benefit Concert

Dan Hubbard

Since 2003, Illinois-based singer-songwriter Dan Hubbard has released six albums and toured extensively through the Midwest and both coasts. In the process, he’s built a strong fan base, become a refined songwriter and earned critical acclaim for his efforts. With his foundation in the classic sounds of Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Jackson Browne, Hubbard carries songs of love, loss and soul searching (and occasionally getting drunk enough to forget it all). Like the influential front-men before him, Hubbard delivers a message that people can relate to in good times and bad.

Dan got his first taste of success when the release of his 2010 album See You Again received airplay on over 120 radio stations nationwide. His popularity continued to grow in 2011 when he and his band “The Humadors” released their most accomplished record to date entitled The Love Show. The album appeared on the Top 50 Roots Rock Chart and continues to receive national acclaim and radio play.

Hubbard’s latest project, a solo effort entitled Livin’ in The Heartland, is an album he describes as “an opportunity to get back to basics.” “I grew up on acoustic music,” Hubbard explains, “so occasionally I have the desire to strip everything away and let the songs stand on their own. It’s my best work so far, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” Livin in the Heartland is set to release on Dead Letter Records in September 2013 with a Fall Tour to follow.

Critical Acclaim for Dan Hubbard:

I find Hubbard's songs working their way into my subconscious and showing up in my head unexpectedly in bright moments of harmony. SmilePolitely.com

In an alternate universe, all country-rock is this vital and satisfying. - Oklahoma Gazette

No hyphens or hype, invented categories or inverted genres, just a guy writing good songs with a fine band backing him up. – Illinois Times

Hubbard has a gift for creating engaging love songs. - Illinois Entertainer

Dan Hubbard’s approach is unadulterated roots rock without all the showy excess of today’s major label acts. - Power Popaholic

Heavily indebted to legendary artists Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison and Neil Young, Hubbard ranks alongside the likes of Ryan Adams as one of the finest contemporary country-rock front men. - R2 Magazine

As far as vocalists go, my personal voice hero is Gary Louris from the Jayhawks. The hand of God has touched that soul and there are a few times I hear the essence of Gary coming through on Dan’s vocal tracks. In terms of singing, this is the highest compliment I know to give. - Openingbands.com

Dan brings a feel good, in your face, rocking acoustic sound straight from the fields and highways that dominate the landscape of central Illinois. - Illinois Times

Kyle Yap

Kyle Yap is a 25 year old musician and entertainer from Bloomington, IL

Over the past 5 years he has played over 1000 shows with Dan Hubbard and the Humadors , Shade Tree and Stereo Dreams.

And currently plays lead guitar with the Humadors

Recently Kyle has come into his own as an acoustic performer playing many shows throughout the midwest playing a variety of original music and various covers from a vast collection of artists and time periods including: Steely Dan, Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Frank Sinatra, Bob Seger, Stroke 9, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and many more.

Always the enthusiast for leaving Illinois in search of playing for new people in new venues, he's played all over the country throughout the Midwest and the South, and has even played shows in the Philippines.

His original music is an combination of his musical influences along with experiences in his own life.

Edward David Anderson

Edward David Anderson is an artist as ancient as he is modern. In a time when the music business desperately flails about, grasping at any new trend that will save its sinking ship, he exists far outside its confines. Best known for his work with the revered Midwestern rock band Backyard Tire Fire who released a string of acclaimed albums in the previous decade, Anderson returns to the national stage with his highly anticipated solo debut, Lies & Wishes. Produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, it finds Anderson creating his own mythology through a collection of songs that embrace vulnerability, while remaining grounded in his working class roots. Anderson sings, "I'm the son of a plumber, from a God fearing mother." The lyric says much about where his story begins as an artist. He was born and raised just west of Chicago and lives a simple life, spending winters in an RV alongside the Gulf of Mexico in lower Alabama. Anderson's an American songwriter on an existential quest who seeks and who searches through song.

"I feel like every experience, every mile, every interaction, every tune, sort of got me to where I am at this moment," Anderson recounts while shedding light on the over-arching theme that ties together the 10-track collection. "The songs on the record are confessional by nature. They are songs about loss and love and living and hope. Halfway through my life, it's an honest look in the mirror."

Anderson's journey over the last five years and his response to the challenges he faced is what sets the lifers apart from those that concede the artistic pursuit. The dissolution of Backyard Tire in 2011 was the first obstacle to overcome. The band had built a devout cult following around the U.S., counting Cracker, Reverend Horton Heat and Clutch among their fans, all of whom took BTF on the road exposing them to a wider audience. It was around this time that Steve Berlin of Los Lobos was first drawn to Anderson's songwriting.

“Backyard Tire Fire opened a show for us and I remember being backstage and listening to their music and I was like, ‘Wow, that song sounds really familiar. Whose cover is that? It’s a classic tune,’” says Berlin. “It turns out that they were all Ed’s originals. They just had that instantly memorable quality to them. So, I introduced myself at the show and we became buddies and then collaborators. Ed’s music is so evocative, so well written. I honestly think he is as talented as anyone in the songwriting world and it is important that he be heard.”

Anderson adds: "I was just starting to get back on the road again after Tire Fire split, touring with my friend Johnny Hickman and I got inspired to get back in the studio. I had these songs and had something pretty interesting to say based on the experiences I just went through. I knew if I could get Steve Berlin involved, who is an old friend that I’ve worked with in the past, it could be something special.”

It was just prior to this that Anderson's mother passed away, while the previous winter his wife lost her mother, both to extended illnesses. It was a defining moment for the 40-year old artist and culminated in a torrent of songwriting. Indeed, songs like "Lies & Wishes" "Lost & Found" and "Chain Reaction" delve deep into the human condition, asking difficult questions of himself and his loved ones.

“A lot of the subject matter on this record came from reflecting on these painful experiences” says Anderson. "After losing my mom, I decided I’ve got to make a record and dedicate it to her and make a statement here on my own."

Musically speaking, the core of Lies & Wishes is built around refined melodies, acoustic guitars and sparse arrangements, yet Berlin's production colors the tracks with squalls of electric guitar, affected vocals, drum loops and assorted analog keyboard flourishes. It should also be noted that fans of Anderson’s vintage rock and roll songwriting from his Backyard Tire Fire days will find plenty to love on tunes like “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Taking It Out On You” and “The Next Melody,” which deliver the big hooks and classic refrains on which he so effortlessly hangs his hat.

This is where we find Edward David Anderson today, on his debut full-length solo recording. His heart's on his sleeve and it's that of an artist. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but the songs demand to be written.

“I needed to make this album," concludes Anderson. "I feel like it's the beginning of the next chapter for me.”

Chris Corkery

Born from the endless silo towns of the rural Midwest and it's fertile music scene, including Backyard Tire Fire and Chicago Farmer, comes singer/songwriter Chris Corkery. He is armed with a sound that is influenced by the beautiful heartbreak of singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt mixed with the roots-based rock of Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet. Chris has been playing backwoods honky-tonks and barrooms all around Illinois from Chicago to St. Louis for the last 10 years. His songs could be called "dusty roots pop" in some cases, but above all, the vibe and sound-scape he creates through the lyrical stories and melodies of his songs is something all of it's own. From cutting his teeth as frontman of the Bloomington, IL., heartland rock group "The Dirty Hands Band," Chris has forged ahead in his solo outings to create something heartfelt and unique that stands out from his peers in the Midwest music scene.

Danny Perganson

Danny Perganson has been playing music since he was inspired by the Beatles in 1964. He started playing in bands in junior high. Acoustic music has always been his pleasure. Danny covers music from the the 60s to the present. Music took a back seat while Danny raised his three children with his wife of 34 years Bonnie. With the kids all grown up, Danny has once more has started playing regularly. His weekly gig at the Knights Of Columbus in Bloomington Illinois, has a great following. Please join Danny and friends for an evening out if your in the neighborhood!

Chasing the Turn

A song-centric blend of folk, blues, country, and rock! Catching steam after
the release of their debut EP, “Here We Stand”, the acoustic duo has blossomed
into a rockin’ 5 piece band, complete with 4 part harmonies. Whether delivering
a rousing rendition of a classic rock tune or playing one of their original pieces,

Chasing The Turn brings and receives smiles every time they hit the stage.

Sounds like: Tom Petty meets Mumford $ Sons meets the Allman Brothers

Stripped by Hippies

Stripped By Hippies is based out of Bloomington, IL but is comprised of musicians from Texas, Louisiana, California and Illinois. Roots Is What I Dig!!



All Proceeds to Benefit Hammitt School at The Baby Fold — Special thanks to: Studio 601 and Two Blokes and a Bus — for their sponsorship and generous support

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Jammin' For Hammitt Benefit Concert with Dan Hubbard, Kyle Yap, Edward David Anderson, Chris Corkery, Danny Perganson, Chasing the Turn, Stri...

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