Dreamers Dose + Cogito + Hobart W. Fink + Wyatt Blair

Young quartet Dreamers Dose is already doing a few things right. First, they nuked their name Blowing Up the Moon and changed their point of origin from Seal Beach to Los Angeles. Then there is what they do: Andrew Stogel, Josh Conway, Levi Dylan and Jesse Perlman play every note as if it’s their last, although it’s not likely to be, since all the members of the band are either 17 or 18 years old. Indie-rockers need not apply here — Dreamers Dose’s approach to guitar-bass-drums is old-school and loud, by-the-diagram grunge ’n’ blues they might have heard on the radio in the ’90s, if they weren’t busy being born and all. The band’s forthcoming full-length was produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Mark Lanegan). The songs available so far are a world away from their 2010 EP under their old name. Turn it up.

West Coast Dark Rock and Roll
Debut full length "CONTROLLER" out now

*mr.elevator & the brain hotel*....*peach kelli pop*....*feeding people*....*cosmonauts*....*trmrs*.....*marz & the mess*

Hobart W. Fink

Hobart W Fink is indie grunge rock w a disaffected punk aesthetic. With two lead singers, Jayk Gallagher and Rachel Fox, the band blends touches of The Pixies, X, and Queens of The Stoneage, with such disparate influences as Elliott Smith, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth. The sound is characterized by crystalline vocal harmonies emerging from gutsy, cutting garage rock.

Debut LP "Back and Forth Forever" is recorded and mixed by Chris Kasych (Wavves, Phantogram, Vampire Weekend, Haim, P!nk, Santigold) on a vintage '74 Neve board and mastered by Alex DeYoung (Macy Gray, NOFX, Pennywise).

Lead single "So Many Losers" debuted on KROQ Rodney On The Roq, and on Buzzbands KCSN, playing on over 100 radio stations worldwide.

"The relationship tensions on ["Back and Forth Forever"] run ... deep as ... Jayk Gallagher and [former co-lead singer] Lauren Lakis trade off vocals and harmonize in some of rock’s fine traditions (think X, Sonic Youth and the Pixies ...) That ... [they] set their makeup/breakup to tasty indie/punk/’90s alternative licks make the audio voyeurism even better." - Buzzbands LA

"indie punkers Hobart W Fink play lots of mosh-worthy licks" - CMJ

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Dreamers Dose + Cogito + Hobart W. Fink + Wyatt Blair with Cogito, Wyatt Blair, Hobart W. Fink

Friday, May 3 · 8:30 PM at The Echo