Eminence Ensemble w/ Dynohunter, Vine Street Vibes, SoDown and ISHI

Eminence Ensemble

Eminence Ensemble is a five piece Progressive Electronic Rock group based out of Boulder, Colorado. Since forming in 2008, Eminence Ensemble has been mesmerizing the Colorado music scene through their eloquent, inventive composition style and captivating, explosive performances. Elegantly fusing elements of Jazz, Rock, Funk, Classical, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Electronica, Eminence Ensemble's technical prowess is surpassed only by its robust blend of composition and improvisation. Eminence Ensemble's groundbreaking sound evolves with every show, sure to keep the audience moving and leave it craving more.


The Boulder based power trio, DYNOHUNTER is well on their way to carving out a niche in the ever-expanding universe of livetronica, pushing the boundaries of their sound with every new track produced. Comprised of Clark Smith (sax/production), Justin Ehmer (drums) & Fred Reisen (bass/synth), DYNOHUNTER meshes aspects of both a conventional DJ performance and a live band. By combining pristine production, soulful sax, live drumming, and heavy electric bass, DYNOHUNTER creates a high energy live show experience, that captures the approval of both Jam and EDM crowds. DYNOHUNTER has shared the stage with notable names such as Bonobo, Chali 2na, The M Machine, Stratus, Two Fresh, Digitalism, Zoogma, Love and Light, Archnemesis, and Vibesquad and have played at festivals across the country including Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Desert Rocks, and Sonic Bloom. DYNOHUNTER releases all of their music for Free Download at http://www.dynohunter.com/

Vine Street Vibes

Vine Street Vibes is the musical perpetuation of positive energy and resounding creativity. The band features six Colorado musicians, all dedicated to delivering a unique performance that pushes the boundary between electro-funk and instrumental dance jams.

VSV originated in the basements and garages of Denver and immediately began building off of common influence like STS9, Lotus, and the Motet. A short six months later, they have rapidly emerged into Denver’s immersive music scene and have begun paving the way towards a new style of organic dance music that strives for an enormous professional sound through heavy instrumentation and advanced incorporation of digital techniques and synthesizers.

The group has shared the stage with Eminence Ensemble, Dynohunter, Whiskey Tango, The Magic Beans, James & The Devil, TNertle, Alixr, Robby Schecter & the Motion Detectors, Ishi, and many more.

Through rigorous experimentation and intense collaboration, VSV strives to create a strong mixture of psychedelic jam music and analog funk, with elements of disco and old-school hip hop, all combined with a blast of instrumental dance music and electronic infusion specifically designed to get audiences out of their chairs and dancing all night.

SoDown is the brainchild of Ehren River Wright. Music has been stamped in his heart and burned in his brain, playing instruments ranging from the djembe to the piano. However, it wasn't until a spontaneous beat boxing session with friends that Ehren realized his true calling for creating art. He is inspired by adrenaline, love, spirituality, nature, cityscapes, flow and art of all kinds. He creates music that combines elements of dubstep, hip-hop, reggae, funk, and groovyness. Ehren's passionate nature drives his desires for constantly trying new things and experiencing the abundance of life.Through his music he conveys these inspirations and expresses his creativity. Ehren believes strongly in himself and in the people around him. He encourages people to find their passion and follow their dreams. Producing music from many genres of bass, while incorporating new unique ideas and sounds, Ehren works tirelessly to create something that no one has heard before. He wants all people to know and believe that they can accomplish their dreams. In an effort to unite all of us, and help him spread the love, like his page and follow SoDown to accompany him on his journey!!

OVER 21: FREE Before 9 PM & $10 After 9 PM / UNDER 21: $10 All Night

Tickets Available at the Door

If you're over 21, come before 9 PM and get in FREE. After 9 PM the cost will be $10. If you are under 21, the cost will be $10 throughout the night. Join the Cervantes' Text Group. Anyone over 21 on the Text Group will be admitted for Free until 10 PM. To join Cervantes' Text Group, text CERVANTES to 91944.

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Eminence Ensemble w/ Dynohunter, Vine Street Vibes, SoDown and ISHI

Friday, May 24 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Tickets Available at the Door