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It's an interesting time to be a music fan. There seems to be a rift between the artist and the observer these days. Relatability in music as a whole feels like yesterday's news, and the appreciation for honesty is an archaic concept. C'est la vie I suppose. There are, however moments in which a band is assembled where under any pretense you can close you eyes and feel yourself surrounded by friends, surrounded by love and mutual respect and truly listen, an art unto itself. I am humbled to have met Market East under precisely these conditions and the warmth of their particular brand of truth has resonated with me since the first time I heard Genevieve.

With all the charm of early Kevin Ayres, but maintaining that pure Americana of the Beach Boys and the Cascades, Market East captures the naivety of youth with the heart strong compassion of a long lived man. With their strong influences from you're early Bobby Darin, Ritchie Valens genre, one finds themselves surprised when none of their girls die in a classic car on a long lost highway. However, despite the classic influence, the lyrical direction of their songs is rich and modern, uniquely contemporary.

I would like to introduce you to my friends, Kurt, Max, and Vincent. They are Market East. I hope you find them at a period in your life of great openness to yourself and to the love that can only be captured on a jangly guitar and three part harmony.

-William Randall

Joey Sweeney And The Long Hair Arkestra

Joey Sweeney has been writing songs and prose since he was a teenager in the 1980s. Over the years, he has fronted the groups The Barnabys and The Trouble With Sweeney, as well as recording and performing as a solo artist. Meanwhile, he’s also written for a wide array of publications, including, Philadelphia Weekly, the Philadelphia Inquirer and his daily perch,, the cityblog he established in 2004 after a decade-long run as a rock critic.

His songs and records have received widespread critical acclaim over the years; of his last record with The Trouble With Sweeney, Fishtown Briefcase, Pitchfork said “[Sweeney] mixes autobiography and fiction against the group’s 70s-inflected indie pop, resourceful— and unabashed— enough to digress into an E Street interlude or an AM-rock guitar coda.” He’s also garnered curse and praise as a writer of prose, having won the AAN Award for Music Criticism and appeared in Best Music Writing 2002.

From 2004 through 2010, Sweeney mostly shied from performing and recording, focusing instead on his role as Publisher & Editor of the website In 2011, however, Sweeney stepped back into his old role of singer/songwriter, this time fronting the rock band Arctic Splash. Joey Sweeney Your Life Is Callingcompiles the best of everything before the Splash. In late 2013, Sweeney went on to release Long Hair, with Grammy award-winning producer Aaron ‘Luis’ Levinson, Lushlife aka Raj Haldar, and others.

Night Panther

Night Panther is a pop disco band founded by two best friends, Farzad Houshiarnejad and Mike Cammarata as an outlet for their youth. Fueled by sex, synths and Phil Collins, an 8 track lp soon followed.


Mohican is a 4-piece instrumental rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Former Belle

Born and raised in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, Bruno Catrambone spent years working and writing for a project that didn't exist yet. These years of makeshift, at-home recordings turned into what Bruno later named, Former Belle.

Seeking refuge in his mother's suburban basement, Bruno got together with a few friends to sculpt what was to be Former Belle's debut release, the Sounds From the Ground EP. Sounds From the Ground was recorded in three different parts starting in Telford, PA with Producer Ed Myers, then to Zionsville, PA with Scott Minner (iHava Studios) and finishing in Doylestown, PA with Chris Radwanski (Drink Up Buttercup, Peasant, White Birds, Night Panther).

Upon its release, Sounds From the Ground took Former Belle, both full band and Bruno Joseph solo, along the east coast and on an extensive, month-long European tour. Former Belle spent their 2011-2012 months promoting and playing shows alongside the likes of Owen, Fences, Colour Revolt, River City Extension, Allison Weiss, Illinois, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes and more.

Upon returning home from Europe, Bruno settled back down in Philadelphia with a handful of new songs and a concept for the next record. During the fall and early winter months of 2012, Bruno headed back into the studio with good friend, Chris Radwanski to track Former Belle's debut full length, 'Cathedral', due out in early February 2013.

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Market East (Record Release Show) with Joey Sweeney And The Long Hair Arkestra, Night Panther, Mohican, Former Belle

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