The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers began as a collective of friends getting together to sing sacred songs of worship from the early 20th century in the summer of 2010. A choir of up to 13 revived the spirit of those believers who came before them with songs like "I Shall Not Be Moved", "12 Gates", and "In My Time of Dying". The group eventually evolved into a band of 8 musicians, committed to keeping the spirit of gospel music alive first through covers and currently with original songs in the mix. An EP was recorded in November of 2010 and the ERGS can currently be seen playing at a number of local Los Angeles venues such as Lot 1 Cafe, The Last Bookstore, The Satellite and The Echo.

Influenced by both past gospel musicians such as The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Pilgrim Travelers,Washington Phillips and Sister Rosetta Tharpe as well as current bands like The Black Keys, Wilco, and Calexico, the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are creating a unique blend of blues, indie rock, folk, and bluegrass in their songs. Some of the band's favorite things include banjos, kickdrums, hand clappin', foot stompin', and sing-alongs.

The Wild Reeds

Beneath the hair, the torn tights, and our worn-in shoes, we are just a couple of gals who have met through this powerful phenomenon we call music.... through rhythms that swell from our toes to the tips of our lingering harmonies, we express connection...a connection we have with each other and a connection we hope to make with you... thank you for listening!

The Herbert Bail Orchestra

The Herbert Bail Orchestra creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. One of LA Weekly's BEST CONCERTS TO SEE IN LA. "A DANCEABLE WILD WEST SHOWDOWN, if sheriffs and outlaws resorted to dance-offs instead of gun duels." says K. Beachum of Violent Success. "RICH IN STORYTELLING…." says Kevin Bronson of BuzzBandsLA. "FOOT STOMPING FOLK" says the Las Vegas Weekly. Formed in 2011 by longtime friends and creative collaborators A. Frattolillo & A. Katz, Herbert Bail now acts as a collective alter ego for a band of 9 strong players. Featuring instrumentation from acoustic guitar, accordion, fiddle, horns and banjo to the electric guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion. "Great orchestration" says LA Record. A. Frattolillo, singer- songwriter, "almost sounds like Tom Waits and Neil Diamond had a voice baby" says MySpoonful, "bottom line: Herbert Bail leaves you amazed."

The Bones of JR Jones



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The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers with The Wild Reeds, The Herbert Bail Orchestra, The Bones of JR Jones

Thursday, July 18 · 8:00 PM at The Echo