Chad Valley

Chad Valley

Chad Valley are the personal outpourings of one Hugo Manuel, the balearic inclined vocalist of Oxford’s Jonquil and founder member of the Blessing Force collective.

Taking a more electronic approach to sunset vibes, Hugo has made quite a splash this past summer. In his short 25 show career he’s already played in Dublin, Paris, Budapest, Belgrade and Istanbul, been a big smash at In The City and supported the likes of Amiina, Mountain Goats and Foals. His music has been on every blog you can think of from Gorilla vs. Bear to Pitchfork’s Forkcast, the latter of which has featured him three times in recent months and at one point in late October was the fourth most blogged about artist on the planet.

He’s enjoyed a host of radio plays across the BBC and had his debut BBC session recorded for Huw Stephens’ show in January 2011.

Chad Valley is one of Cascine's core artists.

Kisses is a Los Angeles-based pop project featuring Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson.

The band's sophomore release, Kids In LA, is a departure from the luminosity of their first album, focusing instead on the starker wintertime in Southern California. While The Heart of the Nightlight took listeners on a neon-hued journey through Palm Springs at peak vacation season, Kids In LA inverts that thematic motif, opting to explore the empty and slightly-haunted off-season of the vacation world. The glimmering parties and easy social experiences of the first album make way for the disquieting stillness and vacuous silences of abandoned beach chairs, covered pools, and peeling wallpaper.

Kids In LA was recorded over a year and a half and produced by Saint Etienne's Pete Wiggs and Tim Laracombe. Driven by crisp and thudding drum machines, the record is riddled with the evocative rhythms of late 80s freestyle (Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa). Paired with lightly-effected guitars and warm analog keyboards, the mood is distinct: cold and anxious, yet rich, inviting, and melodic.

Lyrically, the album's theme has not departed from the playful and frothy frivolity of the first record. Kids in LA consists of a loose narrative, which follows teenage friends and classmates in Bel Air, exploring the overblown emotions and distinct chasmic boredom of privileged high schoolers. Their lavish parties and a general disregard for others ultimately leaves our cast of misanthropes in a wash of insular social interactions and hazy banality.

Kids in LA is due out May 14 on Cascine and Kisses will be touring this spring and summer in support of the new LP.

80s production married to 19th Century poetic influences, simultaneously disengaged and deeply personal, the immediacy of its melodies obscuring ornate arrangements, Ice Choir’s debut album “Afar” revels in the multiple contradictions it presents to listeners. This is a record that sounds like it was tracked thirty years ago in a $5,000-aday studio: all sheen, synths, compressed guitars and digitally revived vocals yet is as bedroom-and-laptop as any; written and produced on the road and out of suitcases over the past 12 months by Kurt Feldman (and later brought to life via MIDI and an extensive collection of outmoded vintage synthesizers).

Indeed, part of its genius is this unyielding commitment to subverting expectations. Rather than engaging in crude revivalism, “Afar” challenges conventional perceptions of 80s technopop, highlighting its musically progressive and literate roots and re-imagining them to create a startlingly original sound.

This makes for an unconventionally diverse album that dips into the palettes of Italo-disco, avant-garde pop, classical music and even smooth R&B while somehow remaining completely, utterly, coherent. Feldman jokes that he originally tried to make something that sounded “equal parts Flyte Tyme, flight school (via SNES Pilotwings) and luck dragon in flight.”

Notwithstanding the meticulous detail to composition and arrangement throughout “Afar”, perhaps it is the substance and quality of lyrics, and their centrality to its appreciation, which will distinguish it most from its contemporaries. This is writ large in Feldman’s nod to John Keats’ Fancy on the album closer “Everything Is Spoilt By Use” (a glittering, tinsel-clad ballad that features a sublime cameo from Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek).

“Afar” is 35 minutes of the most considered pop music out there; a
compelling ode to lust, distance and alienation …


Selebrities are a Brooklyn-based three piece, lauded for their signature brand of new wave romantic pop. With material that's woven around themes of emotional intimacy, overcoming obstacles, urban living and sexuality, the band has won fans all over the world.

Selebrities have supported artists such as Jamie Woon, Niki & The Dove, Com Truise, Chad Valley, Craft Spells, Puro Instinct and others. Last winter they toured Europe with over 30 dates in major markets including London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, etc.

Selebrities are signed to Cascine and consist of Maria Usbeck, Jer Robert Paulin, and Max Peterson.

Rush Midnight

Russ Manning was formerly the bass player for Twin Shadow, but he's got a new gig now as Rush Midnight (note the matching initials there). Cascine Records is releasing RM's debut EP, +1, on October 30th.

Airbird (DJ Set)

“Let me show a secret world,” intones a wise old movie guy in Deep Dreams, Ltd, the slip stream intro into Airbird’s debut EP ‘Trust’. The solo project of North Carolina based producer and bassist Joel Ford, one half of Ford & Lopatin with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin and co-owner of NYC label Software, Airbird’s secret world is one entranced by the gleaming rumble of low-slung digital funk. Having released a 12” on Software last September, ‘Trust’ is his most explorative articulation of it to date. While Girl resonates with an 80s music video aesthetic that fans of Ford & Lopatin will be familiar with, Royal picks its own path through pixelated flora and fauna, Trust glides beguiling into Pat Metheny-esque jazz-rock territory and Goodnight, the record’s most soulful moment, finds Ford atop a mountain calling to the stars. The earthy references are not for naught: Ford moved from NYC’s concrete jungle to the countryside of North Carolina last year and that experience’s fingerprints are all over the record. It was seeing him in live band mode at SXSW back in March, with Ford on bass and key, backed by saxophone and drums, that Airbird’s funk-rinsed vision clicked into focus. We recently caught up about the making of ‘Trust’, his favourite funk records and upcoming Ford & Lopatin adventures.

Wildarms (DJ set)

Wildarms is an electronic producer from New York who paints from a palette of breakbeats, nature samples and major key chord progressions. His material is woven with a sense of optimism, drawing references to both underground lounge parties and commercial hip-hop. Wildarms is Duncan Cooper, who also serves as associate editor at The Fader.

M/M (DJ set)

M/M is ____________________.


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