HaneyStock - A Chris Haney Memorial Show

HAVOK evolved over a number of months and was officially formed in Feb. of 2004. Guitarist, David Sanchez had been playing with drummer, Haakon Sjoegren doing covers of all their favorite old school metal songs. People were really enjoying what they did and gave the two musicians accolades and encouraged them to continue to perform. Here the seeds were planted for forming a full band. With not too much actual planning they decided to start taking their play one step further and officially form a band.
Soon after posting "Lead Guitarist Wanted" flyers around town, David got a call from one Shawn Chavez… a trip to Englewood was necessary and they picked up the elusive Shawn. Within minutes of the audition it was settled. This was the guy! He was a natural and so they began…
What to call the band… a few other names were discussed and tossed aside… they went with HAVOK and off they were.
The range of influence of these musicians is expansive!! They never cease to discover new sounds from current and past artists. There is no sound that can't be appreciated in some way.
HAVOK continues to play anywhere they can and are busy writing their own music. They are influenced by a variety of artists and bands, among them: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Led Zepplin, Shadows Fall, Overkill, Pantera…


In Dave Herrera's Westword article Putting Denver on the Musical Map, he includes "Both Rexway and Rubber (which will play a showcase for label execs at the L.A. Knitting Factory on January 10) are among the most tuneful bands in the current batch. And they could soon have company from some new talent I've stumbled on recently: HAVOK, for instance, a group of high-schoolers who played at the Blue Mule's big mock show not long ago, and were dead-on in terms of channeling Metallica, solos and all!" Performance date: Sept. 2004

Music critic, John La Briola in Denver's Westword newspaper says, "In the world of superheroes, HAVOK is a short-tempered X-Factor mutant with the ability to fire waves of explosive energy from his fingertips. In Denver's own underground death-core realm, the band HAVOK does something similar with guitars and amps, grinding through sheets of metal and double-kick tempos like a buzz saw. Weaned on everything from Metallica to Jimmy Page, this technically accomplished thrash outfit -- vocalist/rhythm guitarist David Sanchez, lead guitarist Shawn Chavez, bassist Marcus Corich and drummer Haakon Sjogren, who hails all the way from Drammen, Norway -- specializes in the kind of sonic doom that put the Vikings on the map before Erik the Red was teething. If a demo that includes songs about Hell and Identity Theft is any indication, HAVOK has an appetite voracious enough to eat emo kids for breakfast" Performance date: Feb. 2005

Also, Derek Rhine, Local Music Reviews writer for The Grateful Web wrote:"The show opened up with Havok. 4 kids 16 to 19 years old. These guys just blew me away! You don't see this type of powerful stage presence from kids this young. They took the stage and dived straight into a fast, tight and powerful set. They wasted no time in getting the crowd into their old school styled metal. These guys remind me of early Exodus and Slayer with a touch of Metallica thrown on top just for kicks. Crunching guitar riffs and screaming lyrics made me want to dive right into the pit, and if I weren't afraid of getting my teeth knocked out like one fan did that night, I might have! (The kid who got his tooth knocked out was happy about it! Said it was an awesome show! He stayed in the pit from Havok on through the end of the show) Havok shows more than a promise, if they keep this type of show up they WILL be signed and they will be big! These kids got all the makings of a great metal band and I would LOVE to see them play again anytime! Hey Havok! You just made a new fan!" Performance date: Oct. 2005

Lola Black will kick your ass! Fronted by Ms. Lola B. herself Lola Black is comprised of some of the best talent to come out of the Colorado Punk and Metal scenes.

Along with Lola the band members include Crispy from blister66, Paige O from blister and Eight Bux, Mathew Hale, Annie Mac, and James Rock.

Lola Black combines a punk, and metal, with a female vocal for a sound that is actually unique to what is out there in music today. Lola has enough edge to make you want to smash things and is catchy enough to keep you singing after you are done breaking shit.

Since the debut in Aug. of 2008 Lola Black has risen to the top of the Colorado Music Scene. Lola regularly headlines all of the rock venues in town including the hot spots, 3kings tavern, Bender's, and The Gothic Theatre! Lola has graced the cover of Colorado Music Buzz, gotten a feature profile article in Westword Magazine, had mentions the The Denver Post, and has repeatedly been on 106.7 KBPI with Uncle Nasty and Matt Need. The end of 2009 brought release of the debut E.P. 'Plastic Dashboard Jesus' which pulled in an amazing 700 people to the Gothic Theater!!!!

In 2010 Lola Black won the the WESTWORD MUSIC AWARDS for best "Punk" band and got it's first dose of national exposer with an album review in Hollywood Music Magazine. Miss Lola B. herself is also featured in the "Gentlemens Issue" for 303 magazine Aug 2010! This band continues it's rise to the top with a take no shit attitude and will be huge in the very near future! Love Lola or Hate Lola you can't ignore Lola, Lola WILL kick your ass!!!!

Speedwolf: " This next song's about drinkin' the devil's blood, and killin' angels! I know I've been there . . . " Metal, oh metal.


Come celebrate the life of Chris Haney this Friday at the Gothic Theatre. Entry is free but a $10 minimum donation is suggested, all proceeds from the event go to benefit Haney's beloved daughter, Lydia. A memorial is planned from 6-7 p.m., after which a the bar will open at 7 p.m., and Moe's BBQ will be providing some food. Beginning at 8 p.m., a number of locals acts will be performing in tribute to Haney, including Speedwolf, Havok, Lola Black and Limbs.

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HaneyStock - A Chris Haney Memorial Show

Friday, May 3 · Doors 5:00 PM / Show 6:00 PM at The Gothic Theatre