Comprising of San Francisco's Clint Stewart and Marc Smith, Safeword is the result of a decade's long friendship and a mutual love for music.
Stewart and Smith have worked side by side on music for years so the eventual pairing was inevitable. "When Clint sent me his
parts to our first track I knew we had something special." says Smith." From then on everything just fell into place."
With a foundation laid down in thick heavy drums, lush melodies and atmospherics, every cut becomes a pulse thumping
cerebral campaign, in which every track leaves an indelible mark on the listener. "We are just now beginning to see what could
flourish here, and the sounds we can create with this dynamic" says Stewart. With a debut ep on Sebrok and Marc Mirior's own imprint,
Paso Music, and an ep on Berlin giants Dessous and Poker Flat, as well as an ep on Alland Byallo's forthcoming label Bad Animal, the duo are just getting started with their assault on dancefloors worldwide.

Shiny Objects

Deep, fat basslines with splashes of techy disco.


Both of these ladies were born in Atlantic City, NJ which obviously explains a lot. Their father is a musician and was the Director of Entertainment at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. They grew up around serious talent, even kicking it with the Rat Pack at early ages.

They moved to California before they were in New Jersey long enough to develop accents and became best friends early on. As kids, they made up many dance routines to Ace of Base's "The Sign" album and religiously listened to TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool", even dressing like the group one year for Halloween. Between their mother and father, sharing a nearly 20-year age difference, they were exposed to a broad range of musical tastes.

In their adulthood, Laura moved to San Francisco and Ava to Orange County, and the sisters realized they weren't capable of being away from another. After Ava finished college, she promptly moved up the city so she and her sister could once again kill it on the regular. Thank God.

$10, $5 in Spandex before 11pm. Reduced in spandex all night


-Safeword's last SF set before heading to Berlin -Music video star Shiny Objects -Show Us Your Stretch contest, featuring one-of-a-kind clothing prizes -Interactive fashion show and pop-up shop from indie clothing producer Jacques Smith For the first time ever, we will be running our SHOW US YOUR STRETCH contest which will involve two weeks of fantastic Stretch photo submissions and the chance to win one-of-a-kind clothing from international hipster legend and design guru, JACQUES SMITH. Details on Show Us Your Stretch are soon to follow, so stay tuned. Jacques will also be bringing some of his quirkiest, most fun and vibrant pieces to be shared in an interactive outfit change and fashion show at the party, where attendees will have the option to either to watch or walk the runway. Jacques' collection is completely unique; his travels around the world have allowed him to curate a line of striking vintage pieces,... read more :

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STRETCH SUNDAY : Safeword, Shiny Objects with Lisbona

Sunday, May 12 · 10:00 PM at Monarch