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Mountain Sprout

Well, we are just doing what we like to do the best way we know how. We are a touring band from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, playing music to make ourselves happy and hopefully entertain some of you along the way. We play about 250 shows a year ,some large venues and some not so large, we have shared the stage with too many bands to name here, some well known bands and some not so well known. Drop a little note in our inbox if you have something interesting to say. We will be coming your way sooner or later, see you all of the sudden like.

Whistle Pigs

This southern Illinois based hillbilly trio's unique sound is comprised of banjoist/vocalist Joe McCamish's old timey voice and banjo licks, upright bassist Randy Hill's rockabilly slap, and accordionist Alex Pape's 'hillbilly accordion' styles. Whistle Pigs started as a house band at PK's in Carbondale,IL, a gig that lasted for two and a half years only to end when the whistle pigs touring schedule interfered with the weekly residency. The band debuted in 2008 with their independently produced album 'Original Album' with songs written by McCamish and featuring a fiddle and washboard. Several hundred copies were sold in the first few months following it's release and it's successes afforded the group more gigs and extensive touring of their region, making them one of the area's favorite bands. Whistle Pigs shared the stage with such great and diverse acts as Split Lip Rayfield, Darrell Worrley, Mountain Sprout, Infamous String Dusters, The Dirt Dobbers, and Joe Diffey. The groups second release, 'Long Term Plan', followed a year later showing the maturing songwriting skills of McCamish and a tight sound that only comes from constant gigging. Late 2010 brought the newest release 'Bless Your Hearts and Livers' on the MudStomp label, featuring Steve Fishell on pedal steel and dobro and recorded at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville, TN.

Hailing from the great state of Kansas, Deadman Flats hits you hard with a finger-bleeding, head-banging, neck-breaking dose of what can be described as the definition of "Redneckery". With their first album "Antlers" and a second one in the works, DMF can be seen at Americas best bars, brothels and speakeasies amidst a haze of sweat and cheap beer, or as we like to call it, fuel.

The Flood Brothers

The Flood Brothers are a two man THUMP MACHINE whos infectious melodies and animal rhythms will have your bones shakin' outta your boots! Heavily influenced by the early Rock 'N Roll sounds of Memphis and Deep Blues of North Mississippi, Gabe Meyer and Jacob Best add their own bend to the boogie that could only come from the muddy banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Hannibal, MO is where these boys and their music call home.

Forming in a basement in early 2000, The Flood Bros. cut their teeth a few years later as the unofficial house band at The Packer's Roost; a rowdy dive bar in rural off-the-grid Montana near Hungry Horse.

"Our first gig was actually in Wapiti, Wyoming in 2002. We used a mop, bucket, and duct tape for a mic stand, played for five hours and hadn't practiced in three months," says Meyer. "We nailed it."

Best adds, "Our first gig at Packer's was on Christmas Day. We showed up at about 6:00 that evening after working all day on the mountain, walked in with our gear, Gabe's wearing shorts, and these people are smashed wasted throwing every insult short of a beer bottle. All we could do was yell and holler back, set up and play. We felt instantly at home. Everyone in Whitefish warned us not to go out there. Too rough. We played through lots of fights, knives, and EMT’s…..we were paid in duck, goose, and mashed potatoes."

After returning home, the guys started a band with Kent Burnside, the oldest grandson of the legendary R.L. BURNSIDE, as Kent Burnside and the New Generation. Son of R.L., Dan Burnside joined on bass, Best was on drums and Meyer on lap steel guitar. With R.L. Burnside being a musical hero, Gabe and Jake already knew most of the music by heart and within three weeks were on a major West Coast tour. During the years of 2006-2010, the band played regularly at many notable venues nationwide such as Legends, Chicago, Ill; Ground Zero, Clarksdale, MS; The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA; Gip's Place in Bessemer, AL (Alabama's last remaining Juke Joint, on the blues circuit for over 50 years - a must visit venue), and the House of Blues in Chicago. Gabe and Jake also had the chance to share the stage and play alongside many standout musicians with the Burnsides: Buddy Guy, Bobby Rush, Kenny Brown, Duwayne Burnside, Cedric Burnside, Garry Burnside, the sons of Junior Kimbrough, and the daughter of Johnny Shines to name(drop) a few. "My guitar's more famous than I'll ever be," says Meyer. "Elmo Williams played it up in Minneapolis." "Kenny Brown played it later that night at a bar down the road and then we all got kicked out." "It's been stolen, pawned, and bled on." "She always comes home and never talks back."

Meyer and Best rotated a bit, playing around down South with whichever of the Burnsides needed a solid drummer and rhythm and slide guitar player. "None of those guys really played slide. The generation after R.L. seemed to have lost interest in it, and finding a drummer who could play those Hill Country beats wasn't easy either. Jake and I were in high demand there for awhile." While crediting the Burnsides for musical inspiration and some long years of paying hard dues on the road, the boys had to follow their number one priority of playing original music as a two man band.

Promoting their long-awaited debut album, "Flood Type," the Flood Brothers are back on track playing solely as a duo and are known for their energetic live performances that can promote hours and hours of groove.

"Shake it if you got it..."

The Kay Brothers

~ Bonafide Hootin' n' Hollerin' Hillbillyin' Ozark Stompgrass and What Not ~

The spirit of Missouri 'Stompgrass' lives on in this brand spankin' new quartet, The Kay Brothers. Though the group was born last spring, the members are certainly no strangers to the Midwest music scene. Hailing from such bands as The Hipnecks, The Hatrick, Mary & the Giant, and even a metal band - Ghost in the Machine - the players have been burning barns down since they were knee-high's and can chug moonshine without shedding a single tear. Armed with Upright Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonicas, bass drum, washboard, and sibling harmonies, they make a lot of noise... if you ride on the jangle-stomp time machine, be careful not to crack a heel.



Join us outside at Mojos in Forrest Rose Park for the Missouri Chainsaw Grassacre!

MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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MO Chainsaw Grassacre: Live in Forrest Rose Park! with Mountain Sprout, Whistle Pigs, Deadman Flats, The Flood Brothers, The Kay Brothers

Thursday, June 20 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 7:00 PM at Rose Music Hall