Chris Arnott's  "Get to the Point"

Chris Arnott's "Get to the Point"

The plot-rock- ing, word-spouting, tale-spinning storytelling series. Hosted by writer Christopher Arnott.

Main event this month is the East Coast premiere of the Indiana improv sensation Going... Going... Gone, with its co-creator Lou Harry in attendance. The audience is given fake money to bid on surprise auction items, which are as much a surprise to the auctioneers as they are to the buyers.

Many of the Going... Going... Gone auction items (which the winning bidders get to keep and bring home with them) are being graciously provided by Fashionista Vintage & Variety (93 Whitney Ave., New Haven).

Many cherished Get to the Point! regulars, and hopefully a couple of newcomers, will be presenting as well. There will be myths and fairy tales and drama and jokes.

One of our wilder, more unpredictable nights (and considering the history of this thing, that's saying a lot).

No cover. Free pens!



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Chris Arnott's "Get to the Point"

Monday, July 1 · Doors 4:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Cafe Nine