Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child

Trends in music are cyclical. Every few years something comes along that borrows just enough from the past to make the new exciting again. Scorpion Child produce a sound that hearkens back to when guitar rock ruled the airwaves and made going to a concert the ultimate main event. The five-piece hail from Austin, Texas where they've spent the last few years perfecting both their songwriting and stage presence. The outfit features Chris Cowart and Tom Frank layering high-energy twin-guitars over the band's pounding rhythms discharged by Shaun Avants (bass) and Shawn Alvear (drums). Last but not least, Scorpion Child's singer, Aryn Jonathan Black, fronts the cavalry with a siren-like voice reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio and Robert Plant.

Black says, "I've always wanted to hear new musical ingredients within a classic heavy sound, and it's great to witness captivating performances where both the live show and the band's recorded material can compliment one another. It's important for us to maintain spontaneity while putting a special emphasis into integral hooks. The heavy-prog sounds of Uriah Heep, Hairy Chapter, and the epic delivery of early Rainbow showcases these crossovers brilliantly, giving us honest, yet relentless sonics."

On June 6th, 2013, Scorpion Child will release the self-titled debut on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album was produced and arranged by Chris "Frenchie" Smith, who is known for his work with The Answer, Jet, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Dax Riggs, and many others.

Scorpion Child's debut is a hybrid of eight, hook-filled heavy-psych classics that breathe new life into a stale hard rock market. Big drums, thunder heavy riffs, licks, dangerous soul ridden bass lines, and powerful rock vocals transferred flawlessly to their recordings, conveying the sexiness that they move and shake to on stage. The band plan to support the May album release with tours in the United States and Europe throughout the year 2013.

Don't Mind Dying

"Genre tags are played out, but if you had to slap a label on Don't Mind Dying, neo-classic rock would be apt. The Columbia band bears resemblance to everyone from The Black Crowes to Black Sabbath yet plays with an uncaged urgency that puts it squarely in the moment." - Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Tribune (Mar 06, 2014)

"A rare gem found in a field full of fluff. Don't Mind Dying has the musicianship, the vocals, the just plain raw talent and energy that's been missing from almost everything else you've heard in the commercial market in the last decade. If you're a fan of soulful, guitar-driven rock with a bluesy and ballsy edge, you need this album!" - iTunes review (Feb 15, 2014)

By reading just these couple of reviews of Don't Mind Dying's self titled EP from earlier this year it's easy to say that the Columbia MO band has come a long way since it's formation in 2008 by bassist Graham Greer and vocalist Brian BC Craig. During the first four years of their existence Craig and Greer, along with guitarist Kurt Otto and drummer Jeremy McCalister (later to be replaced by Jason Stegall), formed what would be the back bone of DMD's sound by hashing out a heavy and dark blues foundation based mainly around somewhat unpredictable cover tunes that ranged from Muddy Waters to the Beatles and everything in between. In 2012, shortly after the addition of keyboardist Rudy Brynac, DMD parted ways with Otto and Stegall and brought on board drummer Brian Kent and guitarist Jason Caton. It was at this time that the real magic started brewing! With the new members firmly in place the band adopted a truly powerhouse sound and started filling up local venues like The Bridge, Mojo's, and Roxy's on a weekly basis and soon had built themselves up as one of the biggest drawing bands in the area. At the end of the summer of 2012, after the release of the their first official recording and a string of successful local shows, they were asked to perform at Columbia's famous Root's N Blues N BBQ festival and shared the bill with the likes of Al Green, John Mayall, Marty Stewart, and Esperanza Spalding. It was at this time that the real sound of Don't Mind Dying started to emerge in the way of a string of hard driving original songs which would lead to the recording of their newest album, the before mentioned "Don't Mind Dying EP". Shortly after, Brynac departed the band and was replaced by Travis MacFarlane on keys which rounded out the current line up. Caton, Craig, Greer, Kent, and MacFarlane continue to blaze the trail of their local legacy by continuing to pack their live shows and currently working on new songs for a soon to be recorded full length LP which should be available sometime in early 2015.

Don't Mind Dying EP available on Home Tone Records.

Broken Suns of Karma

Located in Columbia, Missouri. We love playing original rock and roll blues funk music. In 1998, Chris Ford and James Barnes met via an add posted in the old Crazy Music on 10th street. Since then they have played together in rock giants "Horehound" and "'JB and the Goods". In 2011, Benjamen James came aboard as the drummer for the ongoing project. The band became "Broken Suns of Karma" soon thereafter.



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Scorpion Child with Don't Mind Dying, Broken Suns of Karma

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