The Uptown Downers

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Scott Fleenor & the Wuwus

Loved by fans for his blue-eyed soul vocals, Catchy melodies, and his lovely humor, singer, songwriter. Musician Scott Fleenor is a new an uprising artist in Oklahoma. When Scott was 18, he really started getting into soul, artists like Elliott Yamin, Donny Hathaway, John Legend, and, his all time favorite, Amos Lee. He discovered that his voice was well suited for the blues/soul. What Scott has found out through his writing is the structure of pop and soul with his blues voice. His unique sound is starting to catch peoples attention in Oklahoma and even Nasvhille on his recent trips

Austin Kolb Band

The Austin Kolb band was founded in May 2010 when Austin Kolb (guitar and vocals) got in contact with Alex Upton (guitar) and Josh Jb Burleson (drums and percussion). They immediately meshed well and created that sound that is The Austin Kolb Band

By the time July came around they had made a myspace page and a facebook fan page to try to get people to know who they were. They went by the name of Living Loose for a couple of months and it soon died off. In July-August 2010, the band decided to go to Centro Studio in Columbia, MO to record their first album; titled, The Simple Things. The album released on iTunes and in early August.

As fall 2010 approached, the band split up for school purposes for a couple of months only to reconnect and begin again.

In May 2011, the band got together on a weekend and played music for hours on end and recorded the Night Porch sessions (also known as the JD sessions). None of the songs were ever released.

By the time July 2011 came around they had picked up a bass player (Walt Beeson). They practiced on new material with their new member and decided once again to go into the studio. In the first week of August 2011, the Austin Kolb band went back to Centro Studio in Columbia, MO and recorded their second album, titled, Life's Lemons. This album ended up having 10 tracks, 1 of which Austin himself had recorded in Rwanda.

In March 2012, the band expanded and added two more members (Cameron Hays-Keys and Brandon Phillips-Percussion). They immediately meshed well and had their first show opening for the Original Wailers in April.

In October 2012, the band decided to make their own EP. They set up all their gear and recording equipment at Austin's apartment and made a three track EP with "Highway To Zion, Take Me Back To Africa, and Again" on it. The EP is called the Fire Sessions and can be downloaded for free on the website.

They have played shows with great artists including Cas Haley, Trevor Hall, Wallpaper, The Dirty Heads, The Original Wailers, Passafire, Sidewalk Chalk, Taj Weekes and many more...

This is one of the up and coming bands you need to look for.

Brain Food

A four piece Electronic-Dance-Rock band. Thoughtful and unique compositions in addition to a killer live show.



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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The Uptown Downers with Scott Fleenor & the Wuwus, Austin Kolb Band, Brain Food

Saturday, May 25 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Rose Music Hall