Memphis. It's a place where music isn't just played; it's created. From that legacy comes Saliva. On the quintet's 12-song Island debut, Every Six Seconds, Saliva bring the sturm und drang of hard rock together with hip-hop, grunge and sheer, unbridled mayhem, while still preserving the spirit and soulful intensity of its forebears. Every Six Seconds, the name chosen by frontman Josey Scott because "life cycles seem to happen every six seconds," is the sound of tradition beginning a new cycle and forging on into the 21st century. "We were all after the same thing -- I can say that," says Scott, a fourth-generation musician who, like most of the members of Saliva, had established himself through years of service in the Memphis music scene before forming the band. "We were after something really undeniable, sort of heavy and melodic. We were all in these bands that were not getting our rocks off stylistically; we really wanted to build great songs." On first listen to Every Six Seconds, it's easy to be enveloped by the crunchy, chugging riffs on opening track "Superstar," the rap tinges on "Doperide," or the sheer brutality .. Click Boom" and "Beg." Repeated listens will reveal unrepentant popcraft, as evidenced by the hopeful yet defiantly anti-sentimental "Hollywood," and the anthemic first single "Your Disease." It's obvious that Saliva, with rock aggression, hasn't forsaken the importance of a well-crafted song. guitarist Wayne Swinny, who recalls his first meeting with Scott: "I couldn't believe what came out of this guy. The beauty is that for all of his ability to rap and his hard-edge and his look -- he looks really aggressive and scary, almost -- when I saw him sit down with an acoustic and play this beautiful, melodic stuff with great hooks and melodies and incredible vocals, that really did it for me. I knew this was a band that could so something really special." Completed with the additions of drummer Paul Crosby and bassist Dave Novotny, Saliva came together, eventually adding Jon Montoya to complete the line up. About the name, Scott says, "it's controversial and different, and like it or not, you'll never forget it." Within the first few months of its formation, the fledgling group entered a Grammy Showcase competition sponsored by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Despite being an unknown act at the time, Saliva -- which was among those chosen from 6,000 entries nationwide -- won the Memphis competition in January 1997 and then came out victorious in the semifinals, which were held in Austin, Texas the following month. Next came the nationals in New York City, where the band were finalist. "We want the world every time we go out to do something," says Scott. The band was thrilled that it had come from nowhere to make its mark. The group chose not to rush into a deal, however, putting out a self-titled debut independently that sold some 10,000 copies on a regional basis. After signing with Island, Saliva hooked up with producer Bob Marlette -- whom Scott refers to as "the heavy metal guru" -- for two months of recording at A&M Studios in Hollywood. The saliva catalog includes: every six seconds (island) Back into your system (island) Survival of the sickest (island) Blood stained love story (Island) Musically, Saliva may seem a million miles from Memphis, but like Elvis, the band has forged a sound that's "all shook up."

Lola Black will kick your ass! Fronted by Ms. Lola B. herself Lola Black is comprised of some of the best talent to come out of the Colorado Punk and Metal scenes.

Along with Lola the band members include Crispy from blister66, Paige O from blister and Eight Bux, Mathew Hale, Annie Mac, and James Rock. Lola Black combines a punk, and metal, with a female vocal for a sound that is actually unique to what is out there in music today. Lola has enough edge to make you want to smash things and is catchy enough to keep you singing after you are done breaking shit.

Since the debut in Aug. of 2008 Lola Black has risen to the top of the Colorado Music Scene. Lola regularly headlines all of the rock venues in town including the hot spots, 3kings tavern, Bender's, and The Gothic Theatre! Lola has graced the cover of Colorado Music Buzz, gotten a feature profile article in Westword Magazine, had mentions the The Denver Post, and has repeatedly been on 106.7 KBPI with Uncle Nasty and Matt Need. The end of 2009 brought release of the debut E.P. 'Plastic Dashboard Jesus' which pulled in an amazing 700 people to
the Gothic Theater!!!!

In 2010 Lola Black won the the WESTWORD MUSIC AWARDS for best "Punk" band and got it's first dose of national exposer with an album review in Hollywood Music
Magazine. Miss Lola B. herself is also featured in the "Gentlemens Issue" for
303 magazine Aug 2010! This band continues it's rise to the top with a take no
shit attitude and will be huge in the very near future! Love Lola or Hate Lola
you can't ignore Lola, Lola WILL kick your ass!!!!

Pressure Point Usa

The original Denver born Rock Band singing for our Liberty and Freedom! Inspired from the Founding Forefathers visions during the inception of this Great Nation to pursue the American Dream of Liberty, Justice.....and of course a life of ROCK & ROLL! Making our original music to bring a message of Peace to our world. Trying to initiate free thinking outside the box through our lyrics, stage performance and sound. Come join Cap, The Mean G, and Machine Gun Kelly, Big Sergz and Johnny Blaze is time to awaken so let us play, sing and dance our message to the masses. It's all about the PEACE, The LOVE and OUR FREEDOM!!!

Lost Point, is a band with unique style, power and strength. Finding success with the title of Clear Channel's Best Band in Denver was just the beginning. After the release of their freshman album," All Dressed Up", success was a sure fire prelude. To headlining multiple sell-out shows, receiving national radio market testing, and full local radio play on Clear Channel stations, being hand-picked by Kevin Lyman for the Vans Warped Tour. After finding so much success, there was no other option than to follow-up their freshman release with a sophomore album that is stellar in every aspect. Taking a year off to focus exclusively on the creation of "Scars From Her", Lost Point is ready to bring forth the hardest hitting, gut-punching and lyrically geared product possible. Currently, the band has been focusing their time behind closed doors on incorporating multiple influences from electrifying beats, alternative fusion, teeth-grinding metal, impulsive rock and unequivocal lyrical persuasion into a streamline balance of a sound that is all their own. Preparing for an Uprising in the National Music Scene is the path that is ahead of this steadfast band. With major tours, national sponsorships and leading label interest within the future of this band in 2011, Lost Point will surely find a permanent home in the National Music Scene. Keep your eyes open and ears ready for what's to come…Lost Point will be back for the Regeneration starting 2011…and even though the name of the band is Lost Point, these boys know exactly where they are going.

Broken Image

Broken Image has had a few mental makeovers. After a much needed break from live shows to focus on their music to create their own sound, they are back in full force with a new outlook on their music and they're ready to tear it up. Broken image isn't about trying to play every single note on every song. They try to write songs that are upbeat, heavy and energetic. They write their songs keeping i
n mind how they will go live. Their music is for the fans, giving them the opportunity to let out all of their pent up emotions in some killer pits. Broken image is, 100%, a live band. If you really want to know what this band is all about, you've got to see them on stage and not just listen to their CD. Even though a lot of time and effort goes into the recording process, the real masterpiece is their live performance. So much passion goes into their set that there have been numerous injuries and hospitalizations after shows. Catch Broken Image live….you won't regret it.

Scarlet Canary

The Canary is OUT of the cage!
Scarlet Canary started with two friends in a college dorm room as a Three days grace cover band. A few late nights and a case or two of monster later, Allen asked his girlfriend Hannah to listen to the song and sing the lyrics. Soon she was part of the band. After that, the band auditioned a few different drummers and guitarists, none of which seemed to be the right fit. But after a long search, the band found Ryan on craigslist and ten minutes into the audition, they knew he was the person they had been looking for. The last two members to join the band were Jacob "swampman" as rhythm and John on bass. Both added their own special talents to the band and made scarlet canary one of the up and coming hard rock bands in northern colorado. We have some shows coming up in the near future so if you like what you hear, then PROMOTE and COME SEE US LIVE! We look forward to seeing you at our shows and will continue to bring you more originals, covers, videos, and merch.

A Memory Down is a rock group with substance and that has made a mark on our music scene. A Memory Down is proud to announce the release of their lead single “Long Black Train” which symbolizes the act of a person dying and the long road of regrets and struggle through life in his final moments. Listening to this song you can physically feel that final moment when a person lies there ready to die and the regrets that fill the very
core of their body thinking about a life unfulfilled. “The idea was to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who would be laying on his death bed thinking ‘wow, is this really it?", states AMD frontman Philip. The mental torture is portrayed by the guitar and the quickening of the heart from the snare drum. The lyrics come into play and you can feel your soul begin to cry and you can barely breathe. Listen, experience, understand and
remember. “Long Black Train” is only a taste of what is yet to come. The CD “Man Apart” is set for release in late Summer 2012. The fans absorb their music like it’s a life line. This song is representative of the CD as a whole giving great story lines, incredible arrangements and a chilling delivery. They bring true emotion, the sudden reality of inner fears and struggles which are physically felt by audience members. It’s that ultimate impact that catches you by surprise.

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