Ozma, Nerf Herder (Album Release)

Forget all the matching suits, stripped down sounds and the revival of the overblown rock star attitude. Forget the critics' proclamations that "rock is back," because as far as Ozma is concerned, it never went away -- and it never will while they're on watch. Gimmicks only hide the truth and disguise a lack of talent and creativity, and fortunately Ozma doesn't have the time to dabble in gratuitous rock gimmickry because they've been spending time cracking the code to the timeless craft of melodic rock songwriting.

Nerf Herder (Album Release)

Pioneers of the late 90’s Pop-Punk and Geek Rock movements, Nerf Herder are perhaps best known for their powerful theme to the iconic Joss Whedon TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Formed in Santa Barbara, California, in 1994, Nerf Herder was signed to major label Arista Records soon after their ironic tribute “Van Halen” stormed the Modern Rock charts in 1996. The video for their follow-up single, “Sorry”, featured Mark Hamill and Miguel Ferrer, and played regularly on MTV. Following years saw the band touring the world multiple times, and releasing a number of albums on various labels, including esteemed indie punk label Fat Wreck Chords and novelty powerhouse Oglio Records.

The current band features founding members Parry Gripp and Steve Sherlock, with newer members Linus Dotson and Ben Pringle. Nerf Herder’s 5th album Rockingham is an explosion of geekiness with songs like “At The Con,” a song written after a performance at Atlanta's DragonCon, “Ghostbusters III,” a lamenting tune about how the sequel will never be released, and “I’m The Droid (You’re Looking For),” which is made entirely of lines from Star Wars and was recorded at Skywalker Ranch. Other standout tracks include "We Opened for Weezer", a song reminiscing Nerf Herder's '97 tour with Weezer, and "The Girl Who Listened to Rush", which hit #1 on KROQ's "Locals Only" in March of 2016.

Derde Verde

Indie-rock trio Derde Verde crafts colorful, chameleon-like song structures sprinkled with noise, analog electronics, melodic guitar lines and rhythmic twists. The L.A. based band named themselves after Val Verde, a rural valley town of coyotes, rolling hills, and big sky, an hour north of the city.

Their new EP, Let Me Be A Light will be released this April on 12” Vinyl, CD, and download, and is now available for pre-order at derdeverde.bandcamp.com, where a new song, “Secret” is now streaming.

Derde Verde’s last album, Moon/Mirror, was self-released in September 2011 and shows a range of influences from shoegaze, to krautrock, to indie electronica… “instantly engrossing, buoyed by excellent arrangements and impressive vocal harmonies… Derde Verde may be the closest thing Los Angeles has to its own Radiohead right now” Tom Child (LA Record Issue 105).

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