Wednesday Night Residency with MT. OSSA

We make music in a way that makes us happy. We are writers, watchers, painters and listeners. We come together to bring our ideas into the light. MT. OSSA is our music and we are proud of it. People have called our music anything from surf rock and psych-pop, to dream disco and soul fuzz; we’re okay with that. We’re okay with presenting to the observer an opportunity to imagine and experience. Ever expanding, and limitless is who we are. Loving what we do is not hard. Color and light and shapes and terrestrial bodies are all things that inspire us, but our love for music is what drives us to be MT. OSSA

Them Howling Bones


Wet & Reckless

Wet & Reckless is back from hiatus with fresh songs and old favorites!

"...edgy girl-group stylings lean toward the punk and pointed rather than the pretty and predictable." - Kevin Bronson, BuzzbandsLA

"While all manner of Williamsburg girls have been prancing around in 60?s pop princess costumes (and while Dum Dum Girls are humorlessly doing a more grown-up version of the same thing here in LA), Wet & Reckless have taken a broader, less musically strict (read:"more fun") approach...who says an all-girl band has to hide behind a curtain of fuzz and harmonies? And besides, us rockists need an answer to all this throwback girl group business." - Classical Geek Theatre

"Lets see. Girls. Check. Punk rock. Check. Growing fan base. Check. Another kick ass trio. Check...In anticipation of their new album that should be coming out to some stellar reviews, it was great to just sit back and take it all in. Wet & Reckless' music embodies this new generation of killer girl bands that are setting stages on fire all over the country." -Loudvine

VUM began in 2008 as the songwriting duo Jennifer Pearl and Christopher Badger working in and out of the Secret Lodge in Topanga Canyon, CA. Partners in crime, and co-conspirators for this new throbbing noir heartbeat, the two tread a deceptively minimalist path. Their debut EP “Strange Attractor” manages to be the desert, the tropics, and “the streets” all at once. In 2011, VUM released their first full-length album, Night Sun, on Secret Lodge Recordings. Night Sun lead the listener further into the jungle-choked latitudes of distant locales and explored the dark side of psychic war, whilst becoming a favorite of the underground blogosphere and a staple on Henry Rollins KCRW radio show.

VUM now includes live drummer/percussionist, Scott Spaulding, who makes his first appearance on their 2012 seven inch single release- Laura Palmer/Are You Animal? (Secret Lodge Recordings). These two tracks show a shift deeper into the darkwave/ pop-noir spectrum of VUM’s aesthetic. Laura Palmer was hailed as a song that “will forever be cemented into your mind as a song that you loved deeply" by bloggers, a “pop culture fav” by USA Today, and is in constant rotation on L.A.’s college radio KXLU and in Rollins’ Saturday night KCRW set.

photo by Angel Ceballos

Free 21+ with RSVP / 18+ $5 at the door

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Wednesday Night Residency with MT. OSSA with Them Howling Bones, Wet & Reckless, VUM, DJ The Mega

Wednesday, July 10 · 8:30 PM at The Echo