Grand Ole Echo with Dan Jannisch

Grand Ole Echo

Dan Jannisch

"A mixed bag of Rock 'n Roll, Twang, Preacher Man, Folk Stories."

"If John Steinbeck had written music, he'd have written music like Dan Janisch..."
(Don Grant, Freight Train Boogie)

"...impossible to fit into a particular stylistic niche..."
(Stewart Mason, All Music Guide)

"He gives broken hearts some lovely places to hide..."
(Falling James, LA Weekly)

Ben Reddell Band

You may recall Ben Reddell from his place on the bass behind L.A.’s Leslie Stevens & The Badgers cq — he’s the tall, mustachioed longhair who seems like he’d have been equally at home playing with Willie Nelson as with Roky Erickson. But Reddell has a guitar and a band of his own, too, and a voice that comes out as weatherbeaten and world-weary as any classic Texan troubadour. (Hey, Guy Clark? Townes Van Zandt? Is there room for one more to share that bottle of the strong stuff?) If you saw the film Heartworn Highways, and if you laughed and then tried not to cry at all the appropriately hilarious and heartbreaking moments, you’re primed for Ben Reddell’s band. They’ll ready the beer if you’ve got the tears. –Chris Ziegler

Ray Bonneville

Many of those familiar with Red House recording artist Ray Bonneville know that he is a hard driving, blues influenced, song and groove man who often writes about people who live on the fringe of society. Ray’s vibe is loose and soulful. With a greasy guitar style, horn-like harmonica phrasing, smoky vocal style and pulsing foot percussion he immediately rivets audiences. His solo performance fills a concert hall with all the sound layering and drama of a full band. The consummate, driven professional, Ray plays more that one hundred and fifty shows a year across the US, Canada and Europe. He has a loyal, enthusiastic fan base wherever he goes.

In 1999 he won the Juno award (Canada’s Grammy) and was nominated twice more after that. His song about the resilience of New Orleans, “I am the Big Easy” was the most played song by North American folk DJs, and won “Song of the Year” at Folk Alliance in Memphis in 2009, the same city where he took first place in the International Blues Challenge in 2012. About that award he says “I just went to Memphis to meet some new folks, so it took me by surprise when they announced my name; I see what I do as the offspring of traditional blues music”.

He was forty-one when he started writing songs and making records after playing all over for twenty years. When asked why it took so long, he replied “it’s hard to say, but I only spoke French until I was twelve years old when my family suddenly moved us from Quebec to the Boston area, so maybe it took me that long to really feel the nuance of the English language”.

Sarah Stanley

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Grand Ole Echo with Dan Jannisch with Ben Reddell Band, Ray Bonneville, Sarah Stanley

Sunday, August 25 · 5:00 PM at The Echo