Blue Mesa

Blue Mesa

In Lakeland, Florida, December 2010, the bands 'With all Honesty' and 'Drift Days' played a show together; the first night Holli and Matt met. Needless to say, they were drawn to each other and began to collaborate musically. Matt joined With All Honesty for it's last few months of being a band; a precursor for the hiatus that laid ahead. Meanwhile, Dan Durrant was drumming for the band Farehaven, dominating the Cincinnati music scene opening for national acts such as, Seven Mary Three, Days of the New, Adema and many others. Running in opposite directions, Holli and Matt had no intentions of pursuing music, Dan had no intentions of leaving Farehaven. But fate chose otherwise. In March of 2012, Holli and Matt relocated to Denver, Colorado, Dan following not too far behind, making his way into the metro area in August. Nearly two years having gone by, Matt and Holli found themselves no longer able to abstain from the passion they had once decided to give up; music. With their excitement and new found inspiration, they began to network online in search for a drummer. It only took a few short days for Dan to find them, spawning an instant connection between the trio. After months of collaborating, circa 2012, Providence was born.

Paris By Sea

Lori and Michael started the band in 2009, which was called The New Distractions then, out of their shared passions for music. The two musicians had been friends since 1996, and thought it might be fun to start a music project. Michael played in many short lived rock bands and home recorded his own material (6 releases), from lo-fi inspired art-rock to electro-acoustic, and IDM. Lori came from a completely different type of background in music, singing in choirs, growing up with classical music, The Carpenters, and The Cure. Michael and Lori worked for years to find a balance between their approaches to music. Their shared tastes in music lead them to weave together their contrasting musical experiences. Lori's formal training and Michael's play-by-ear style were forged in their songwriting, and their sound has grown and developed over time. The journey hasn't always been an easy one, but their commitment has sustained the band and their common ground has kept their unique sound in tact. Ben joined the band in 2010 and when new drummer, Danny, came on board in 2012, they changed their name to Paris by Sea, which was an earlier project of Michael's. Paris by Sea is Lori Trautwein on lead vocals and keyboard, Michael B. Wenham on guitar and vocals, Ben Kessel on bass, and Danny Shuford on drums.

Summa, by definition, is the cohesion of distinct bases of knowledge into a comprehensive whole. When Jake O'Neal and Max Grossman formed their fresh duo, the moniker perfectly embodied their fusion of style and talent. Based out of Boulder, Jake recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in electrical engineering. But when he beat out 87 other vocalists to place 2nd in "CU Idol," he decided to turn his love of music into his full-time focus. Looking to diversify his solo act, Jake joined up with guitarist, bassist, drummer, and producer Max Grossman to create Summa. Described as "Jeff Buckley meets Coldplay," Summa will wield the summary of their respective parts to produce dynamic things in 2013.

The Jacob Cade Project

Jacob Cade(lead guitar/vocals)-born in El Paso, Texas. Currently 15 yrs old and attending high school in Parker. Moved to Colorado 9 years ago with family. Started strumming a guitar at age 4 while watching Dad play guitar. Learned from Dad most of the time in between but has been self-taught for the past 3-4 years. Also plays violin and drums, and now teaching himself the piano! Writes own music and lyrics performed by The Jacob Cade Project. Has appeared onstage solo or as a guest player since age 11 at Parker Days, Jeff Co County Fair, Tailgate Tavern, and Stagecoach prior to starting The Jacob Cade Project band. Inspired by Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley, Slash, Billy Gibbons and Jerry Lee Lewis. Enjoys old-school classic rock above anything else which he plans to re-introduce to the world! Aspires to be a Rock Star and share his passion for great rock and roll with the masses!


Jim Cade(bass)-born in El Paso, TX. Relocated to Denver 9 years ago with family (wife, son, two daughters and grand-daughter). Has been playing guitar since the age of 15. Mostly self-taught. Played with local El Paso bands such as Rail and The Jim Cade Project (thus inspiring Jacob on naming his band). Picked up playing the bass for Jacob’s band. Enjoys all genres of music but mostly classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Steely Dan. During the day and while not playing on stage with his son, Jacob, Jim is an Assistant Vice President Financial Analyst with a national bank in Denver. Also has a college degree from University of Texas at El Paso.


The Jacob Cade Project-formed in November 2012 with three members (currently seeking replacement drummer). The band has performed at Bushwackers, Herman’s Hideaway, The Toad Tavern, The Gothic, Buffalo Rose, McCarthy’s, Will’s Sports Pub and Mercury Café. Recently completed recording first studio album with Vibrato Music Group and released for electronic distribution on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon mp3, and many other music websites globally. Continues to write and perform new originals at each gig and grow their fan base. Aspires to be promoted and play concerts nationally and internationally!

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Blue Mesa with Paris By Sea, Summa, The Jacob Cade Project

Wednesday, May 22 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Herman's Hideaway