New Ben Franklins

New Ben Franklins

Over the last 22 years, New Ben Franklins have changed an awful lot, and really, not much at all. The band continues to strive to make a noisome sort of rock and roll, based loosely in the shoegaze of the early 1990s' Britpop scene while incorporating a distinctive Americana flavor and classic country twang. The Franklins have an endless sonic palette, each song standing on its own, but somehow blending together cohesively into a unique and captivating catalog of music. The band has never been afraid to stray from the typical guitar-bass-drums in their music, utilizing steel guitars or synthesizers and drum machines when those sounds suit the song, or keying up a melodica if that will bring things to where they need to be. Following on the heels of their critically acclaimed album [peter gabriel] in 2012, NBF are set to release a 7” record this summer and two new CDs this fall; a collection of cover songs and a new set of originals.


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New Ben Franklins

Sunday, July 21 · 4:00 PM at Skylark Lounge