Metal Showcase Spring 2013


We are a five piece that has been playing music together for approximately four years, beginning with covers of Lamb of God and The Black Dahlia Murder. We found our own groove and began writing original material and playing local shows in Richmond, Berkeley, and San Francisco to promote our style and our various releases. Our first demo was recorded in our friend's garage one stormy night, and since then we have recorded two additional demos by collaborating with engineers from Red House Studios in Walnut Creek, and Prairie Sun Studios in Sonoma County. We are looking at getting booked for some upcoming shows while we continue to write new material.


Cerebral Cannabis

Aliens aren't abducting humans for our bodies and testing, they abduct us to harvest our brains and smoke them.

As Cavalry Comes

It all started out as a little project and wanted to try out new styles of playing music, so we first started with just a simple Post-Hardcore/Pop-Punk band called Cherish This Moment (CTM). But then we wanted to make more heavier music so we change the bands line up and started a Metalcore/Deathcore band called Distance In Exile (DIE). As we progressed more into the music making we wanted to do more and different styles of music. We didn't want all of our music sounding like the same and wanted to really expand our music. So now we just decided were doing Post-Hardcore/Metalcore with our new and last band name As Cavalry Comes. Starting now there is no more changes in genre or name. Trust me we are sick and tired of changing stuff. So right now we are recording some songs and will soon release our first single and soon a EP. We are a 5 piece band starting Ivan on Guitar/Vocals, Tony on vocals, Paul on Lead Guitar, Jesse on Bass, and Sam on Drums. Basically we are just a band that loves music and wants to have fun doing what we love doing.

Eyes of Mara

Forming in 2010, Eyes of Mara came together as a group of friends who love to play music. In coming years of experience and minor line-up changes, they've come together as a solid unit. After acquiring the new ensemble, and vigorous dedication to writing new material, Eyes of Mara recently hit the studio. They present to you now, their newest EP; Condemned. Enjoy.


$10.00 - $12.00


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Red House


Metal Showcase Spring 2013 with Survival, Cerebral Cannabis, As Cavalry Comes, Eyes of Mara, Refuge

Friday, May 3 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Red House