The Bailey Hounds - Release Party

The Bailey Hounds - Release Party

The Bailey Hounds emerged from the Philadelphia music scene in 2011 with their debut album "Along the Gallows"—a melancholy prowl through a series of Americana compositions, rife with imagery akin to the macabre, the diabolical, and the morose. Teetering on the border of alt-country and indie-rock, The Bailey Hounds prefer to look to the aesthetics of horror films and murder ballads for inspiration, drawing on the often sublime characteristics of the former and lyrical intrigue of the latter.

As of May 2013, The Bailey Hounds will be celebrating their second official release entitled "All the Blood in the World". The new six-song album offers a much grittier, analog approach, more indicative of the band's live performances. Though not so dissimilar from the dusty atmosphere accomplished on their debut, the new collection of songs proves to ebb and flow between upbeat '70s-style folk rock and dark, brooding ballads.

Tin Horses

Tin Horses is an American Rock n Roll band from Philadelphia, PA. Their sound has taken a long road down a classic rock landscape, crossing paths from Crazy Horse riffs to Bob Dylan’s country records. The band features former members of Purling Hiss and Creepoid.

Ruby The Hatchet

Forming after a series of basement practices in New Jersey circa 2011, psychedelic quintet Ruby the Hatchet brings together doomy, evil hard rock with occult-flavored psychedelia for a witchy brew of dazzled and ominous wild rock sounds.



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