The Coup

The Coup is a political hip hop group based in Oakland, California. It formed as a three-member group in 1992 with rappers (Raymond) Boots Riley and E-Roc along with DJ Pam the Funkstress. E-Roc left on amicable terms after the group’s second album, but appears on the track “Breathing Apparatus” on The Coup’s third album, Steal This Album. The group is now a duo.

The Coup, part of the sub-genre of political hip hop, is politically radical and Marxist in their music, and align themselves with other radical hip-hop groups like dead prez. Their music is characterized by electronic sounds and bass-driven backbeats overlaid by humorous, cynical and sometimes violent lyrics criticizing capitalism, American politics, pimping as a form of patriarchal exploitation, and police brutality, among other things.

The Coup’s debut album was 1993’s Kill My Landlord. In 1994 they released their second album, Genocide and Juice. After a four-year recording hiatus, the group released the critically acclaimed Steal This Album in 1998, the title of which was reminiscent of lifestylist Abbie Hoffman’s Steal this Book. The album featured the stand-out single “Me and Jesus the Pimp in a ‘79 Granada Last Night”. The online magazine Dusted called Steal This Album “the best hip-hop album of the 1990s”.


The women of NighTraiN were brought together as a concept band for an original stage play production called “Hot Grits.” In a process that was projected to take nine months, the women were to learn their assigned instruments, write songs and begin performing in the Seattle underground music scene in preparation for the play. The Band and their music were very well received. Although, very diverse in experience, age and backgrounds, the original women developed a profound friendship and connection in the music and decided to reunite after the stage play ended to form NighTraiN (NTN).

NighTraiN offers a fresh take on the garage, punk, and rock genres, and are constantly discovering their ever changing voice. The fluctuating ages of the group and their individual experiences genuinely affect the outcome of their music. Exposed to different viewpoints, they stick to their own truths; therefore, NighTraiN’s music is never stagnant or stuck within one genre due to their non-traditional approach. NighTraiN’s sound is a heavy engine hum formed by the blunt bass rhythms of Selena "No Pick" Whitaker-Paquiet. It is a heartbeat held steady by the percussive stylings of Taryn "Hot Legs" Dorsey. It is dark heat strummed from the guitar of Nicole "Jaja Juicy" Peoples and accompanied by the steam whistle wail of Rachael F. “Lead vocalist Rachael Ferguson sings with a gravelly steadiness over NighTraiN's raucous percussion and electric strings, and it's exciting to see riot girrl owned by women of color, inevitably expanding and deepening the potential of punk music to speak on an inclusive (black) feminist discourse in music. And it looks like a good-ass time."
(Up & Coming, The Seattle Stranger)

Malitia Malimob

Malitia Mali Mob embodies the very essences of hip hop to an extreme level. Coming from Somalia where just trying to find water is a struggle. War is rampant, eight year old children hold AK-47’s like they are toys. Malitia Mali Mob come from a place where there is no choice but to have a by any means mentality, because if you don’t, you don’t survive. Malitia Mali Mob is the very story that hip hop is built on.

While listening, MMM embarks the listener in a journey of coming from nothing and striving to achieve the American Dream. With stories that shine a light on the world’s deepest struggles, leading the listener to find paradise within their own life and relating to the essential of survival . Malitia Mali Mob has a story that those who live within reality can relate to.

Listening invokes exhilarating passion to better life, and enjoy the paradise within life. Guiding emotions from the feeling of sorrow to a beaming joy. Malitia Mali Mob’s music advances the mind from being politically aware to taking joy in finer materials, having an militant mind set to having love for humanity. Malitia Mali Mob is proud of their story and prides themselves on letting the music speak for itself.

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