Tica Douglas (record release party)

Tica Douglas (record release party)

The nine songs of Tica Douglas' new record Summer Valentine explore two landscapes: Tica’s hometown on the coast of Maine, where she composed the songs in the Summer of 2012, and an old barn house upstate in Patterson, NY, where she recorded them during the coldest week of the Winter of 2013.

As a songwriter, Tica refuses to turn away from age-old themes: heartbreak, desire, vows of friendship. Yet her lyrics are filled with invention and the subtleties of her voice never cease to pioneer new sonic spaces.

Woof Woof

Woof Woof is the side project of Railbird guitarist Chris Kyle

Hayley Coupon

Before her entrance into the music world, Hayley Coupon was a film student. Shockingly, she only began seriously writing songs just six months before the completion of her debut EP. "Songwriting just came out of a challenge I presented to myself." she says. "For years, I dreamed of pursuing music, but I refused to consider it if I wasn't writing my own material. All of my idols have always been extraordinary songwriters before any attention was paid to their voices. So it just came out of pressure I put on myself to figure out how to write a damn song for myself to sing."

Although her foray into songwriting is a relatively recent one, music has always played a large part in her life. There was a constant presence of music in her home growing up. She recalls, "I just seemed to be surrounded by, and imbued with, a sort of reverence for music from a very young age. Music has always seemed to me the most natural and purest way of telling moments, stories, and feelings."

In regards to Hayley's debut EP, she states that it's formation was "probably aided by a dissolution of a dangerous sort of relationship, and a sense of dissatisfaction (at least creatively) with anything I had been doing in building my so-called career." The pressure crystallized in March 2012 with a batch of 6 original songs, which she took to LA to record her first demo. It immediately became clear to both her, and those around her, that she had found her calling. "I'm not sure what else I'd be doing if I hadn't found this outlet," she confesses. "I don't think that there was another road for me to take. I wrote songs because I just had to write songs -- for myself, first and foremost."

Despite her introspective and personal writing process, Hayley is excited to finally share her debut EP, "Remembrance," and launch what is sure to be a bright and promising career for the young New York-based singer/songwriter.


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Tica Douglas (record release party) with Woof Woof, Hayley Coupon

Tuesday, May 28 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

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