For the past four decades, Bill Payne has spent more time on the road, in studios, and working with rock n' roll hall of famers than most of that rare group of musicians who can pay the bills with their talent and endurance. He's one of rock's most talented keyboardists, a legitimate legend among peers. A founding member of Little Feat, he's appeared on hundreds of studio albums and toured with the likes of Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, and the Doobie Brothers. Most people in the music industry or familiar with rock's meaningful past know this amazing musician's songs and recognize his chops instantly. Countless musicians have shared time with him in the studio or onstage. More would like to, because he makes most musicians better.

Bill Payne is not a musician of habit, nor one who needs his ego stroked regularly to inspire his creativity. Bill's presence in rock has been defined by his talent, resourcefulness, longevity and penchant for straying. His laid-back demeanor provides a perfect camouflage for the intensely passionate artist he shelters within. He lives and breathes to create, not to smell the roses. He doesn't spend his time looking back at what he and Little Feat have accomplished. Rather, he's always looking ahead to start anew, to be inventive, to be original. Bill doesn't produce product, he creates, plays and produces music. He is an artist. It's what he's always been about.



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Bill Payne of Little Feat: Tracing Footsteps, A Journal of Music Photography and Tales From The Road

Thursday, June 20 · 8:00 PM at Rams Head On Stage