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The Joiner Inners

The Mighty JI, a combination of freindship, musical dexterity and
volume, celebrate their best traits on The Time is Now, a glorious
journey through the band's best moments, extolling the virtues of
the music that influenced them the most (Guided by Voices, the Who,
the Replacements, and Superchunk). Boiled and basted in an
over-heated basement for over a decade, the band's tightness and
commeraderie is apparent in would-be singles Hidden Sector,
Song of Many Lyrics and Air Guitar and Dashboard Lights, all of
which evoke the best of musicians and friends, plodding angrily
towards middle age and restrcited circumstances. The Time
is Now is, interestingly enough, timeless and anyone who wants to
enjoy well-crafted music burnt at the ends with musical abandon
simply needs to listen... now

The Alehounds

Acoustic folk duo from New Haven, Connecticut.

Ben Erickson

Ben has been making music with a bunch of different projects for about the last 15 years. Started out in the garage in Connecticut playing punk rock and Nirvana, then branched out into noise rock, metal, electro-sleaze, and other extreme sounds. Ben has been all around the East Coast and beyond with my many bands. Through it all he's always loved writing a simple song on the acoustic with a good chorus and evocative lyrics. Over the years he's amassed a pretty broad catalog of "folk" tunes with elements of country, blues, punk, goth, pop, and whatever else has piqued his interest at the time. Enjoy 🙂

Monster Eats Pilot

Monster Eats Pilot is a three piece indie rock/garage/grunge group from New Haven CT that eschews arbitrary restrictions and doesn't need "cred"



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