Jason Dunn, Garrett Godsey, Blake Whitely, A World Apart, STILTZ.

Jason Dunn

After nearly a decade with Canadian pop-punk band Hawk Nelson, frontman and founding member Jason Dunn shocked fans early in 2012 with the announcement that he would be departing the successful group in pursuit of a solo career.
Now residing in New York with his wife Lenay (host of MTV’s 10 on Top), Dunn spent the first part of 2012 crafting his debut album, Abandon Progress. The forthcoming longplayer is a blend of pop and rock, with musical influences that range from Maroon 5 to Boys Like Girls to Hawk Nelson.
“I left Hawk Nelson because the vision I needed a fresh start” explains Dunn of his controversial departure.
And in addition to his musical pursuits, Dunn has an unlikely passion that he hopes that fans will embrace. Says Dunn, “I want to find a cure for diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 12 years old. I am so honored to be able to be a positive role model for teenagers and young adults trying to cope with this disease.” A portion of proceeds from every concert will be donated to the Jason Dunn Diabetes Foundation, to help financially support young adults and families with children living with diabetes.
Dunn racked up an impressive list of accomplishments during his tenure with Hawk Nelson, including GRAMMY®, Dove and Juno Award nominations, international touring, a #1 video on VH1 and appearances in NBC’s hit series American Dreams (as The Who) and the 2005 feature film Yours, Mine and Ours (starring Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo). With the launch of his solo career, Dunn is ready to add to the list.
“I make music because I love music,” says Dunn. “Music is my passion. Music is my life. With my music comes the ability, and responsibility, to voice my feelings, my passions and my heart to every listener.”

Garrett Godsey

It is rare for a 16-year-old Christian Musician to work with a Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer, and then to also have two well-known Nashville recording artists as guest vocalists on their first full-length project. But Garrett Godsey is not your average teenager.

By age 12, Garrett had written a few original songs, and was opening up for multiple national touring acts. At 13, one of his songs was made into a music video that was used as a focal point for schools and youth groups across the United States to educate teens on safe technology use. At age 15, he began writing and recording his debut album with Grammy and multi-Dove Award-nominated producer Aaron Rice (tobyMac, Mandisa, Britt Nicole, Jaci Velasquez) and a mix of talented songwriters in Nashville.

Several life-changing events impacted the project, including a serious sports-related concussion and the loss of his grandmother. Instead of being down however, Garrett looked up to God and relied on his faith to carry him through. Choosing the song “The Way I See It Now” to also be the title of the album was a no-brainer for Garrett. And by the completion of the project, he could plainly see that God had made changes in his heart that had given him a new perspective on life.

Garrett is accustomed to taking risks and pushing things to the edge, and he knows God accepts no less than his very best. To say he “rocks out for Jesus” would be putting it lightly. With songs like “Spark,” which includes microphone time with Hawk Nelson former lead singer Jason Dunn, and “Break In,” which was co-written by Garrett, Rice and Joe Pangallo (Britt Nicole, Ashes Remain), there is no doubt that he can energize a crowd.

“Spark” will serve as the first single off Garrett’s debut full-length disc. The song has been released to radio stations, both globally and across the USA. Given the great response to the album thus far online and at various live shows, and the compelling lyrics of the songs, more action at radio is likely to follow.

Garrett is placing his total trust in God to lead him in his music career and personal life. His love for music and passion for reaching others for Christ are the forces that drive him.

Blake Whiteley


A World Apart

Starting in summer of 2010, A World Apart has gone through several line up and name changes, finally ending with A World Apart. Hailing from Martinsville, IN AWP has made a name for themselves in the local music scene, combining influencs of bands such as Seether, Trapt, and Bullet For My Valentine. Keep an eye out for this up and coming band, with their high energy stage show and stage presence, this is one band you wont wanna miss live.


Well I Kevin Brojama met Ethan in 6th grade and since then we've grown to be really good friends. Similar stories with Corbin my sophomore year of high school and Simon my senior year of high school. Since I knew all three mutually and knew they all played instruments, I got them all together to form the band Stiltz. That makes me the backbone I guess ...Later on I knew Cory and we added him too, I had met him in 2nd grade on my baseball team and we would take Big League Chew gum and make a suicide by mixing two different kinds together. We also dated the same girl who I broke up with in 8th grade to focus on Halo...and I dunno what any of that has to do with his addition to the band but he jammed with us one day and we added him.

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Jason Dunn, Garrett Godsey, Blake Whitely, A World Apart, STILTZ. with Garrett Godsey, Blake Whiteley, A World Apart, Stiltz

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