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Reggae is one of the bloodlines of New Zealand music, and the all-Maori band Katchafire has become its foremost advocate today. A family affair from day one in 1997, founder and lead guitarist Grenville Bell and sons Logan (lead vocals) and Jordan (drums), remain the core of the band. Transcending their origins in a Hamilton garage as a cover band, Katchafire took their Marley-inspired original music to the bars and clubs, building up a fan base of thousands. Their exceptional debut album, the prophetically named Revival, sold in excess of 45,000 copies (more than double platinum in New Zealand) and they scored massive hits with songs like Giddy Up, the nation's biggest selling single of 2002-3.

After building on that success at home with the platinum follow-up "Slow Burning", Katchafire took a major step forward when New Zealand foreign exchange students Introduced their Kiwi reggae vibes to the fertile soil of the Hawaiian Islands. Underground popularity soon exploded onto the airwaves, and by the summer of 2006 Katchafire was topping the sales charts in the Aloha State and headlining at the 10,000 capacity Waikiki Shell. That's when
the band started giving their passports a considerable workout, from festival appearances all over Europe to increasingly successful mainland U.S. excursions. They now draw huge
crowds all over the Pacific, from Australia to Guam and Saipan.

On record, Katchafire reached a new level of musical depth and maturity on 2007's "Say What You're Thinking". With jazz, pop, rock and even hip-hop influences enhancing a solid roots foundation, they scored their greatest American chart success to date with a #6 showing on the Billboard Reggae chart. Katchafire is well known for trading instruments among themselves during their marathon live shows. That versatility is demonstrated as never before on this album, with no less than five bands contributing songs and sharing lead vocal duties. Front man Logan Bell contributes four tunes including the instant classic love song "Meant to Be". Jamey Ferguson contributes his unmistakable raspy leads on four more, including the thoughtful title track and gospel-tinged "Doesn't Anybody". Percussionist Leon Davey shows off his vocal skills on "Now Girl" and "Love Letter", as does drummer Jordan Bell on "J. Dubb" and keybooardist Haani Totorewa with "This World".

The last several years have found the boys supporting this landmark release with an increasingly hectic tour schedule, featuring stops at the Big Day Out Festival at home, Raggamuffin tour of Australia, and new island conquests like Fiji. And each U.S. tour is bigger than the last, with stops at SXSW, Reggae on the River, House of Blues and many more. With a long-awaited fourth album due this fall, combined with their relentless work ethic and phenomenal live shows, It looks like only a matter of time before the whole world is Katchafire country.

J Boog (Born Jerry Afemata) is a singer born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, Ca.
Growing up in a large family, he was always surrounded by lot's of people and music.
J's father is the chief of the family village in Aloa, Samoa. Boog was raised with a strong sense of that tradition and culture and
he proudly carries it with him today and always.

One day when J was 4, he heard his sister practicing piano and started to watch & learn about music.
Soon, J was singing along to the notes & melodies he heard his sister play.
A while later she brought home a Bob Marley song book. Even at this young age, J knew Bob's name and his music.
Upon hearing his sister begin to play, something clicked inside J. He hasn't been the same since.

The first time J Boog sang for a crowd, he was 9 years old. It was a large family reunion at a church and there were nearly 200 people there.
J's Mother and sister insisted he sing a Whitney Houston song and J obliged them. Though he was nervous, it went quite well.
The song was One Moment In Time.

J met his favorite artist, George “Fiji” Veikoso in 2005 and began to work with him on music a short time later.
In 2006, J moved to Hawaii to continue developing his craft. J Boog released his debut album 'Hear Me Roar' in 2007.
In 2008 J Boog joined a family and company called Wash House Music Inc, based in Hawaii and San Francisco.

In 2008 J Boog met Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage. There was an instant vibe. Gramps was keen on working with J,
and set out to make a way. Shortly after, Gramps, J Boog and other Wash House family members were in Jamaica recording. They worked in such
prestigious places as Bob Marley's "Tuff Gong" Studio, Don Corleone's "Hit Maker", Bobby Digital's "Digital B", Shaggy's "Big Yard", Sugar Minott's "Youth Man Promotion" and more. The results are apparent when listening to Boog's new album. It is authentic Island Music and genuine Jamaican reggae at the same time. Truly a new and exciting combination. J's new album features some reggae giants like Richie Spice, Tarrus Riley and Morgan Heritage.

There is a natural theme to Boog's writing, love. It recurs through out his work and never once seems contrived.
J says he writes what he feels and knows. When you listen, you'll feel he truly knows matters of the heart.
His new album, "Back Yard Boogie" is slated for release in 2010 and features J's new hit "Let's Do It Again" produced by Don Corleone.
J Boog is excited about the future and all the amazing progress he's seen in such a short time.

These days Boog is either in a studio, on a stage or catching a flight. Radio interviews have become a daily thing and it's a little overwhelming
for the young artist. He has been smart enough to keep his humility. He has a great sense of humor and an even better sense of reality.
He can be overheard saying how blessed he is on a daily basis.

Hot Rain

6 piece reggae band from the island of O'ahu.

Carl Noa: Guitar + Vocals

Crystal Nakamaejo: Vocals

Jorell Nacapuy: Keys + Vocals

Chris Rod: Keys + Vocals

Blaine Mateo: Bass

Leslie Ludiazo: Drums



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