Heather Combs

Heather Combs, a Gainesville, Florida native now living in California, is a powerhouse on stage. A little bit reckless, a little irreverent but mostly wielding an authentic heart – put her on a stage and within minutes she can turn the eye of a new batch of faithful fans. Her voice is sweet and then rough, strong and then vulnerable, but always honest and true. She plays guitar with reckless abandon and isn't afraid to show the listener who she really is. And now Combs brings us Everybody Has Their Turn, an album packed with all the passion and personality of her live shows.

In her fifteen+ year career, she has shared the stage with many fantastic musicians such as Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Sheryl Crow, Kasey Chambers, Todd Snider, Los Lobos and the Go-Gos. Heather’s songs have been featured in hit TV shows such as ER and Grey’s Anatomy. She is fiery, funny, intense and not afraid to take risks. Having been named “Best Band in the Bay” by San Francisco Magazine twice and a part of KFOG’s Local Scene CD, Heather thrives on connecting with the audience and Everybody Has Their Turn is the perfect extension of that.

Tom Rhodes

Some musicians spend their whole life searching for answers through their music that they never seem to find. Tom Rhodes is not that type of musician — he answers the questions that he poses in his music, giving even the darkest subjects a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ash Thursday

Led by vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Ash Scheiding, the music often contains compelling, narrative verses and anthemic choruses. Scheiding's expressive lyrics and dynamic vocals have been noted as "hypnotic" and sounding like "a thousand hearts breaking". In addition to Scheiding, the band consists of Niki Marie (vocals, keys), Betsy Adams (guitar), Andrew Ryan (drums) and Anderai Maldonado (bass). The quintet combines their talents to execute thought-provoking, yet pop-smart music and engaging live performances.


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