Soule Monde

Being members of The Trey Anastasio Band, it's fairly safe to assume that Hammond Organ player Ray Paczkowski and drummer Russ Lawton are damn good at what they do. So the only real question is: how much do you like instrumental jazz/funk? When it's played this well, honestly, it's hard to resist. Lawton keeps the grooves hard and Paczkowski knows how to keep a jam interesting, coming back to main melodic lines often enough that they feel like hooks, and never being too indulgent with his noodling. Each track has enough structure that you can follow along, and is also different enough from the other that the record as a whole is consistently interesting. -Kyle Gervais/Dispatch

The duo’s name, Soule Monde (“soul-ay mon-day”), is inspired by Lawton’s middle name (Soule) and Paczkowski’s first name (Raymond). While comparable to The Benevento/Russo Duo and Billy Martin/Wil Blades, Soule Monde stake out their own turf by focusing on composition and narrative. On their eponymous first album, you hear their years in the touring trenches with TAB, and you hear two locked-in players who start, end and center each other’s musical sentences. From Lawton you hear reactive, always in the pocket drums, and from Paczkowski a repository of moves heretofore only foreshadowed in his work as a sideman.

Paczkowski demonstrates a thorough understanding of players like Jimmy McGriff, Art Neville, Jimmy Smith and Herbie Hancock. The grammy-nominated Lawton’s beats and fills push the melodies along a tightrope. Throughout the album, Paczkowski’s bass lines provide a solid basis for his clavinet and Lawton’s energetic rhythms. Each tune started as an improvisation but was developed into a full composition: a recipe that can lead to some self-indulgent stinkers. But there’s nothing thrown together or haphazard or indulgent about this... It’s a fully risen soufflé for the body and the mind.

“The Story” starts off dark and dirty, but quickly adds a layer when Paczkowski transitions from clavinet to Hammond B3. The hint of “Wilson” will cause many folks to think of that other band that successfully turns spur-of-the-moment jams into epic tales full of peaks and valleys. If the first minute of “Tango” doesn’t cement Paczkowski as this generation’s Billy Preston, then grits ain’t groceries, eggs ain’t poultry and Mona Lisa was a man. If this album doesn’t elevate Soule Monde to a national tour and 17 more albums, I’ll be surprised. If anyone ever tells you instrumentals don’t tell a story, point them Soule Monde’s way. –David Paul Kleinman

Malai Llama

The Malai Llama is a 5-piece instrumental band that combines genres like jazz, rock, and electronica in a psychedelic fusion . Each show is heightened by the energy and passion they pour into their music. The Malai Llama push musical boundaries by combining the real energy of instrumentation with the electronic exploration of synthesizers, turntables and samples in dynamic song structures. People all around Colorado have been moving their feet to their grooves.

Malai Llama consists of:

Chris Cornwall (drums)
John DeSousa (bass)
Steven Govanlu (keys, guitar)
Matt Flaherty (guitar)
Chris Sterling (percussion, turn tables)

The Angle

Formed in early 2012 and based out of Denver Colorado, The Angle has already created a buzz because of the well known musical history of it's members. Chris Long on Bass and Brian Baxter on Keyboards toured nationally with Colorado bands Swivel Hips Smith and Big Shark Jackson - sharing the stage with heavy hitters such as Robert Walter's 20TH Congress, Merl Saunders and The Motet. Next. they joined forces in the Colorado funky favorite Full Stop from 2005-2011, playing and packing the rooms all throughout Colorado. Brian Sachs on drums, began his musical career with the legendary NYC band the Authority. After playing with the Authority for 7 years and sharing the stage with, Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler, Public Enemy and many other legendary bands, Brian moved to Colorado and met up with Chris and Brian. The chemistry was immediate and they knew that they stumbled upon something special.

The Angle takes their listeners on a journey with songs that tell a musical story and rarely play it safe. The band creates a unique sound that is timeless, and wins over listeners that enjoy many different styles of music. With a strong foundation of Rock and Funk, over-toned with Jazz and R&B, spiced up a bit with Latin and Classical, The Angle can captivate a small room or rock a large hall. This trio is poised to be a major player in the Colorado music scene in 2013 and for many years ahead.

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Soule Monde (ft. Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton from Trey Anastasio Band) w/ Malai Llama and The Angle

Saturday, June 22 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Cervantes' Other Side

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