Weaving elements of folk, country, pop and dark matter, Idlewhile weaves a vivid sound tapestry stained with the soul-prints of live, love and loss.

White Shell Road

One rainy night in late 2012 The Cardinal Grey's Chris Newton, Steve Bradfield and local musician/law prof Eric Franklin discussed the ridiculous idea of forming Denver's first, only and probably last Golden Smog tribute band in the effort to perform the Smog's 1995 record "Down by The Old Mainstream" from beginning to end and well just to "have a good time" Next thing you know local heros Ryan Dudas, Ryan Johnson and Paul Bennett from Denver's tour de force Bear Antler joined onto the project after many beers and coaxing and thus the group was born.......

So what does this mean for me you might ask? Well, you all have been cordially invited to watch them stumble through two shows full of midwestern themed rock and roll before one of them moves to Las Vegas to become an adult, here are those details:

Friday, May 31st at the Walnut Room (w/ special guests)
Saturday, June 15th at Hi Dive (opening for Idlewhile)

Happy 2013 and let's have some fun


White Shell Road

The Federalists

Cold Hard Country Music


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Idlewhile with White Shell Road, The Federalists

Saturday, June 15 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Hi-Dive

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