Brooklyn based band Napoleon is currently in the works with producer Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, Swans, Real Estate, The Walkmen) on a first record.

Grand Resort

What happens when a teenager escapes the confines of his home country, trading breezy, eternal summers for painstaking winters? Three years ago, Andrés Pichardo was wondering the same thing, when he decided to leave his hometown in the Dominican Republic to study in Massachusetts, but mostly to play music.

It may seem unlikely to pin a teenager growing up in the Dominican Republic as a fanatic of Britain's jangle pop, C86 and shoegaze. But during Pichardo's musical coming-of-age, these sounds somehow found their path all the way to the Caribbean and right into his ear canal.

Three years later, the 20-year-old is bursting with similarly inspired guitar melodies and synth layers under the moniker Grand Resort.

Last autumn, Pichardo locked himself up in his apartment in Massachusetts to record the magical Vanguard Dreams, before being mastered by Josh Bonati (The Men, Widowspeak, Zola Jesus) in Brooklyn. The result is an eight song LP recollecting every feeling and emotion he had been hiding for years. This isn't just another kid in his bedroom with his laptop and a guitar. Instead, Pichardo crafts massive recordings within the confines of his bedroom.

"I wanted to develop my ideas as clear as possible, as they did not sound small or vague at all in my head," Pichardo says. "Most people don't believe me when I tell them this is just me in my room with my twelve-string electric guitar."

Earlier this year, Pichardo released Microscopic, a glistening guitar-driven tune with gliding synths and whispery melodies all over the place. Grand Resort officially made the leap to Brooklyn in February, with Pichardo spending his free time interning at a local record label and perfecting his sound. Grand Resort now performs as a four-piece, with Paul Laughrige on guitar, Rich San Luis (Telenovelas, Ghostless) on bass and Rony Bonilla on drums, perfectly envisioning the sound Andrés Pichardo has been crafting within himself for years.

Grand Resort has recently followed up with the solid, soothing avant pop composition "Night Is Dark". Vanguard Dreams will see the light of day this summer.

Night Dogs

Brooklyn’s Nightdogs (@nightdogs) are a very exciting find. Though they recently released their debut album and seem to be quite new, the music they produce lacks any semblance of amateur songwriting or youthful insecurity. They have a definite chemistry and are already masters of disguising classic pop in a lo-fi sound (check the “Be My Baby” beat on “Floats”).
Though I hate resorting to comparisons, the band has an incredible similarity to The Walkmen, both in their instrumental and vocal sound. This likeness is not at all, however, in a derivative way. It stems from both bands sounding like the Manhattan Skyline at night, reminding me of adventures that take place at all hours throughout the city.
“Lover’s Lane” exemplifies their pop-historian style with its subtle horns, ringing bells and chiming, ringing guitar tones. “Mary’s Moon” complete with a nice, subtly funky backbeat and bass-line, is another old-school gorgeous pop-song. When I heard the achingly pretty “The Whispers”, I was reminded of how a friend described the best songs on Pet Sounds — “Lovely enough that it actually hurts.” Providing diversity and depth to the release, “Miseltoe” is more rock-driven and demonstrates the group’s ability to alter their sound from song to song.
More than just a new group releasing “promising” music, Nightdogs are providing a refreshing change of pace and producing impressive material worthy of immediate attention.
-Brian Marino 18 August 2011

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