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Ashes Divide

Billy Howerdel works from intuition, a modus operandi which has defined his career, guiding the move from his days in theatrical lighting around New York and New Jersey to his work as a guitar technician. Billy worked with a number of high profile rock bands, ultimately leading to his creative breakthrough as the songwriter/guitarist/producer for alt-rock giants, A Perfect Circle.

Going a step further, Billy's uses his intuition to guide his own music. He does so without the aid of formal musical training. In fact, in a recent interview about his new project "ASHES dIVIDE, Billy stated, "To this day, I still don't remember certain notes on the guitar neck." He started playing guitar in high school, and picked up the technical aspects quickly, roughly in six months. He recalls getting to the point that he didn't want to learn much more. That was the moment when he realized, "I had to stop thinking about patterns and scales, and work from emotion". He states, "The best way I can describe it is that it was like opening your eyes and then blurring them out of focus, that's how I approach music."

The intuitive, unpredictable and yet immediately identifiable sound of Howerdel's guitar work is at play in ASHES dIVIDE. This is his project – he's the primary songwriter, musician, producer, and vocalist. It's an album featuring a wide range of styles, moods, and thoughts, with echoes of early 80's modern rock/Dark Wave mixed with shimmering guitars and heavy rock overtones. It's both anthemic and subtle, an album that fans of The Cure to A Perfect Circle will certainly appreciate.

Howerdel never intended to be a rock star. It's more like music discovered him. Growing up in West Milford, New Jersey, Howerdel would spend hours in his parent's bedroom, listening to the one radio in his house that could receive the modern rock radio stations emanating out of Long Island, New York. Lying in bed, he would scribble down playlists and then scout out the records he loved in stores, among them The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dead Kennedy's, and Elvis Costello.

Despite his indifference to classic rock, it was the experience of seeing Pink Floyd at Giants Stadium that triggered his lust for finding a way to work in the music industry. "It was such a massive show, and it touched me on so many levels – both visually and sonically," he remembers. "Before that, I had no burning desire to be a musician. But being around all that energy, where everyone feels so good…I had to get involved, in some capacity."

Still unsure of exactly what his newfound passion would entail, Howerdel began with stage lighting, working for almost any band or theater production that would ask, while at the same time devoting the rest of his free time to practicing guitar. A few years of work led to a chance meeting with Fishbone and his next abrupt decision – to migrate from lighting to guitar technician, a job he had never held before.

Thanks to his work with Fishbone, Howerdel soon became a sought-after road tech, and he soon found himself running in the same circles as many important bands of the 90's, but most importantly, Tool. During a Fishbone/Tool tour of France, Tool frontman Maynard Keenan and Howerdel became friends, which led to the guitarist's next unexpected career choice.

"I had just come off the road with David Bowie, and I decided I needed to give the music I had written more time to evolve than was possible on the road," remembers Howerdel. While working for Guns N' Roses as a Pro Tools Engineer, a position that afforded Howerdel the luxury of staying in Los Angeles, he bumped into Maynard at a bar in Hollywood. Howerdel mentioned that he was looking for a room to rent, and Maynard offered to have him move into his house in North Hollywood. While living together, Maynard heard some of Howerdel's music, and after a search for a suitable female vocalist, Maynard casually mentioned an interest in singing on his instrumentals. Howerdel recalls, "It was very organic how that collaboration came about."

This initial collaboration led to A Perfect Circle, whose credits include two platinum and one gold record. Unlike Tool, APC featured a moodier, more melodic sound that was built off of Howerdel's guitar work. Although the band eventually went on hiatus, it was during some of the final recording work on the (mostly) covers album eMotive where Howerdel took his next creative step, performing lead vocals on several tracks.

ASHES dIVIDE continues Howerdel's growth as an artist in his own right. "It was important for Billy to go and do his own thing and really explore his own sound and let people hear what he has to say and how he would do it on his own," said Keenan earlier this year in an interview. Listening to ASHES dIVIDE, that point is more than driven home. Howerdel recorded all the music in his home studio, and he laughs, recalling how he would hit the "record" button from his control room, and run to the microphone in the vocal booth.

That's not to say Ashes is a one-man project. Longtime collaborator Danny Lohner (APC, Nine Inch Nails) helped out with the recording process, while Josh Freese (APC), and Keenan's son Devo make appearances on the album. Other contributors include Johnette Napolitano(Concrete Blonde), Matt Skiba(Alkaline Trio) and Paz Lenchantin, while Alan Moulder mixed the album. However, the music is decidedly the work of Howerdel, and features his emotional insights and musical vision.

"It's funny, I didn't want to tinker too much," he says. "Sometimes I'd get something in three takes and keep it. Other times, in the spirit of moving forward, I'd try to record something that I wouldn't normally do. It was a good exercise, making me break away from patterns, and do something uncomfortable."

Lyrically, Howerdel wanted to explore a wide range of emotions. Although many of the topics on the record deal with real emotions and experiences in his life, Howerdel often cloaked the stories into a fictitious narrative. "I started taking acting lessons recently, and they talk a lot about displacement--using someone powerful from your past or present to bring forward emotion," he says. "So a song like 'Stripped Away', the opening track, has phrases and sentiments that are very personal to me…but I have someone else in mind as the catalyst for revealing these charged emotions while protecting myself."

'The Stone', the album's first single, centers on the concept of self-worth and denial, while serving as a musical guide to the rest of the record. Howerdel says, "There are several songs on the record that deal with the idea of not being worthy or pushing people away. This song is interesting, because at times it was getting musically heavy for the wrong reasons. I think heaviness, in music, is a delicate matter. Songs can't be heavy for the wrong reasons."

This spring, Howerdel plans to bring ASHES dIVIDE out on the road (line-up TBD), where he can bring the songs into a new context, and where he himself can re-discover their meaning. "I don't want these to be verbatim copies from the record," he says. "I want to find out where these songs are going. It's funny, for this project, I was everything from the writer to the janitor, and whatever comes in-between. It's a weird concept, for a control freak like me, to finally be able to let these songs go and let them live."

Carina Round has carved a singular path in music with her inimitable voice and stirring compositions. Her uncompromising vision and thrilling versatility have garnered her an immensely passionate fan base that includes many artists. Her forthcoming album, due out in Spring 2012, features some of her notable champions including Smashing Pumpkins' front man Billy Corgan who contributes guitar to 'Go...t To Go (The L.A Song)' and the legendary Dave Stewart and Brian Eno who co-wrote the track 'The Secret of Drowning'.

Carina is giving everyone an early taste of the thrills to come with her new single 'The Last Time' featuring Sierra Swan and a video directed by Scott Rhea. She will also release the Puscifer remix of her track 'Girl and the Ghost' on November 8th on Limited Edition 7" Vinyl through Manimal Records and digitally worldwide through The Orchard.

Growing up in Wolverhampton, England, Carina, starting from a very young age, always had an affinity towards music and began to follow her musical dreams. Never losing sight of her goals, her determination and passion led to the recording of her first album First Blood Mystery (2001). Shaped in erratic but gripping sounds, her love of legends Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley resonates undeniably.
The follow-up and Interscope re-released debut album: The Disconnection (2004) took those influences into much more powerful and personal realms. It landed Carina worldwide exposure in the process, which ultimately brought her career to Los Angeles, California. The relocation proved worthwhile. For Slow Motion Addict (2007), Carina teamed up with notable producer Glen Ballard to create a bewitching and seductive new album. Accompanying the release was a 12-part episodic series that cleverly coincided with each track, creating a visual story for the album. It gave Carina another medium to showcase her artistic ability by acting and starring as the troubled lead character, Maisie Scarlett.

Two years later, Carina self-released the EP Things You Should Know that resulted in much critical success, having multiple film & TV shows feature her music as well as multiple radio stations, including KCRW, champion her music. Opportunities came flooding in to work with other artists Carina has admired over the years. She began touring with Puscifer, Tool's Maynard James Keenan's band, and worked on their new album Conditions of My Parole, which is set to be released on Oct. 18th, 2011. She also sang vocals on The Twilight Singers new album Dynamite Steps along with other artists Nick McCabe (The Verve), Mark Lanegan, and Ani DiFranco. In addition to this, Carina moved into the world of composing and writing for film, working with the award winning film composers John Debney and Glen Ballard on a song that was composed for the film Valentine's Day, writing with Academy Award winner Marco Beltrami, as well as various others.

In one of Carina's co-writing sessions, a band was created called Early Winters with EMI Canadian artist Justin Rutledge, L.A. producer/musician Dan Burns and multi-instrumentalist Zac Rae. The band released a self-titled EP in 2010 that was partly recorded using Skype and video chat due to the members being in 4 different countries. The EP has received numerous film and TV placements and accolades, including many radio stations that were early supporters, for its addictive hooks, far-flung emotions, and intimate sound.

Battle Tapes

Battle Tapes is an electro synth rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in late 2010 by frontman Josh Boardman, keyboardist Riley Mackin, bassist Stephen Bannister.

Battle Tapes released their first body of work, “Sleepwalker” in the summer of 2011. The self-released six- track EP features the standout track of the same name, as well as remix contributions from fellow up-and- coming artists. The group released their second EP, “Sweatshop Boys” in the spring of 2012, further blurring lines between indie rock and dance music.

Battle Tapes Perform regularly in Echo Park, Silverlake and Hollywood and have been regularly featured on Los Angeles radio station KCRW, various movie trailers, TV shows and video games including the 2013 Rockstar Games title Grand Theft Auto V.


Lightsystem have been pounding out and polishing their atmospheric art rock since 2008, when drummer John Kyle and guitarist/vocalist Danny Byrne met in Los Angeles.

After recording and self-releasing their self titled EP in 2009, they began performing throughout Southern California with the help of a revolving lineup of musicians, until 2011 saw the addition of Jason Greenly on bass, solidifying the group. In 2012, The three embarked on a tour of the Western United States, while writing their most recent album, the gorgeously self-produced epic that is Lost Language.
In July 2013, Lightsystem released Lost Language. Taking inspiration from the electronic pulsation of Fever Ray, the shimmering guitars and sweetly sad whispers of My Bloody Valentine, they push and unfold their music cyclically — brutality coming at you in waves in a way that is reminiscent of Mogwai or Cult of Luna. The songs range in length from just over three minutes to the beastly Plurals, clocking in at 10:29. Not a moment is wasted. The combination of Byrne's evocative vocals and abstract lyrics materialize into eerie imagery, entering the realm of incantation in the song Mirrors: "Triangle triangle draw yes you draw it out/ Another voice you need to collect/And all the bones not needed from my hand."

In August 2013, Lightsystem toured California and Arizona with newest bandmate, Matt Johnson, joining them on synth. The four have continued to perform, supporting acts such as AEGES, Ashes Divide, Author & Punisher, Battle Tapes, Carina Round, and Steve Brodsky of Cave In.

bio written by Andi Magenheimer




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Wednesday Society friends coming together to benefit MusiCares featuring Ashes Divide, Carina Round, Battle Tapes, Lightsystem and Special Guests

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