Support The Arts Fundraiser: Love Is In The Air

Support The Arts Fundraiser

To Our Friends and Supporters:

If you've ever experienced the power of the arts, music, theater then you recognize the importance of it! Join us on May 11 as a group of talented musicians will come together to support this wonderful cause!

- Elaine Kwon: Pianist, affiliated artist/lecturer at MIT and five time US national champion in Tae Kwon Do

- UN SRC Symphony Orchestra Wind Quintet: showcasing musical talents of the United Nations

- Justin Chen: Golden Key Festival Gold medalist

- Jasna Popovic: Award winning pianist

Special talents of NYU Jazz Quartet and Diplomats who enjoy making music and supporting the arts.

We need your help today so that the next generation of musicians and artists can one day make their Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center debut or have an Exhibition at MOMA or The Metropolitan Museum. As we approach the end of the 2012/2013 Season, please help New York Artist Management to ensure that we continue to thrive by giving a donation today.

You will hear more about our future projects on May 11.


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