Chop Tops is a rockabilly trio composed of Gary "Sinner" Marsh (vocals), Shelby Legnon (guitar), and Hotrod (bass). They've been honing their savvy rock style since the mid-'90s, building momentum in and around their SoCal groundings. Debut album Tales of Hot Rods, Hot Broads and Lucky Odds was issued on Swillbilly in 1999. Always Wild appeared a year later on Rolling Rock, but it was the blistering set on Evil Six that caught the attention of Brian Setzer. Impressed by their third album, Setzer included the Chop Tops on his '68 Comeback Special in August 2001.

Brutally Frank

After releasing 4 albums and celebrating 7 years in March 2009 Brutally Frank show no signs of slowing down. With almost 5 tours under their belt they've had the privilege to share the stage with acts such as...Joe Buck, The Queers, Lucero, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Independents, Koffin Kats and Calavera to name a few. They also were fortunate to play a stage on the 1995 Vans Warped Tour and had a song chosen for a movie soundtrack. Brutally Frank has always played what is in their hearts with a passion that is passed onto the crowd at live shows. Their early days saw them as a street punk band experimenting with blues riffs and eventually going back to the roots of rock 'n' roll for guidance in a time that seems to have forgotten what it means to be in a rock 'n' roll band. Miss Fortune has tried ending their reign in the midwest in the form of car wrecks, stolen equipment, spider bites, broken bones and other sicknesses to no avail. With no end in sight be on the lookout for future releases and tours.

St. Dallas and the Sinners

Built around the grandson of cross-cultural rockabilly great, Ronnie Self, St. Dallas & The Sinners play with the same frantic enthusiasm and attitude that made Ronnie one of a kind. Blending originals with classics, mixing blues and soul with rockabilly and punk, their first full-length is slated for release in the spring of 2012



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The Chop Tops with Brutally Frank, St. Dallas and the Sinners

Thursday, August 29 · 8:30 PM at Outland Ballroom