Black Witchery, Negative Plane, Teloch Vovin, Coffin Birth, Forced

Negative Plane

Black metal from Florida (early), New York (later), USA.

Teloch Vovin

Teloch Vovin's Music is about Creation Transcending Creator. It's about the release ov the Spirit from the Terrestrial Bonds and the Freedom that follows. Teloch Vovin is more a Coven than a band. Its members are like Minded Individuals who have joined together to Focus their Negativity, Hatred, Disgust and Scorn and Channel it Back into the world ,Thru our Music!!!

Teloch Vovin is our Monument to Death, Built with Our Very Flesh!!!
And As the Old Snake ov Madness Weaves His Wild Curse, Transfixed, the Ego and the Universe Falls to One Black Khaotic Curse!!!


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