Royal Bangs

Royal Bangs

Royal Bangs has always been a band going in two directions at once. Over the course of three full-lengths, the Knoxville, Tennessee band has kept pace with the indie rock vanguard, maturing through leftfield guitar pop and MIDI dancefloor theatrics to 2011’s freedom-prog fuzzfest FLUX OUTSIDE, which found the band pared down to its creative core of Ryan Schaefer, Chris Rusk, and Sam Stratton. But the through-line of all these songs and sounds is a seemingly immovable youth: in Rusk’s playfully precise drum arrangements, in Stratton’s everywhere-at-once (and nowhere twice) guitar leads, and in Schaefer’s soulful, sky-eyed hooks lay an ebullience that hasn’t dulled since the trio first plugged in together as highschoolers. Call it a restless maturity: the songs take on the wisdom in boredom, misgivings and regret, but the sound is forever high hopes and thick skins.

It’s appropriate that the band’s fourth album BRASS (due out September 17 on Modern Art Records) finds new destinations along those same two paths. Following FLUX’s creative throat-clearing, Royal Bangs found an ideal collaborator in Knoxville multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dawkins and found their process evolving as they welcomed him. The resulting album – produced with the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, whose Audio Eagle Records first introduced the band to national audiences – is the work of a group at home in its own songs and skills, trading sonic fussiness for an organic sound, nailing down who they are as a rock band without skimping on the adventure. BRASS still splits its time between barreling rave-ups and expansive pop suites, but more than ever, each song sounds most of all like Royal Bangs.

We Are The Wilderness

Here’s an album and a band that will change your perception of music. Get ready to be taken into a journey of sound that even though bands such as Nine Inch Nails already use in their music for years, there’s something unique and interesting in this band that really catch your attention and imagination. Outstanding considering it’s the product of just two people." RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

We Are The Wilderness is an electronic-indie duo based in Brooklyn, NY. They have been compared to bands such as Portishead, The Postal Service, Phantogram, and Massive Attack, and have been positively received by industry veterans and music aficionados alike.
WATW challenges today’s notions of indie by mixing their various influences into each song. Masterfully and meticulously, they craft each song to reveal many layers that are artistically relevant and widely appealing.
We Are The Wilderness' live show uses a mix of electronics, live instruments, vocals, and interactive video projections to create an experience that engages their ever-growing fan base. They have just released their debut LP, Descending From Paramount. Regardless of trends, We Are The Wilderness will always create honest music for both themselves and those supporting this act from the ground floor up.

The Blue and Red

The Blue and Red is Brooklyn-based bedroom producer Rob Behnke. He plays hauntingly rich, organic electronic music live and augments his performances with projected 3D visual art. His latest album, released January 2013 is titled Adventures In My Head EP and features Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta & The Memorials on drums.


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