Write Club

WRITE CLUB - "Best Literary Event," 2013 Chicago Reader Poll; "Best Live Reading Series," 2013 Chicago Magazine's Best of Chicago, "Top Five of Everything," 2013 New City Year-End Issue, "Best Live Lit Event" - Audience Choice, 2014 New City Best of Chicago

"The punchiest thing to hit literature since Hemingway" - Chicago Reader

3 bouts of
2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas (assigned in advance)
7 minutes apiece
Audience picks a winner
Cut of proceeds to charities of the winners' choosing

$12 - Get your tickets in advance. No lie.

A lot has transpired. None of it good. This battered old Republic needs our hoarse-throated holler more than ever. Come get weeknight drunk and keen for the death of liberty.

Join Overlord Ian Belknap (New City's "Lit 50 2013/15" list) as he presides over this, SEASON OF RAGE-INGEST show ever. There will be PRIZES. There will be literary derring-do. There will be swan songs and rallying cries. There will be death knells and fresh hells. Co-host Lindsay Muscato will be on hand to be sure the show has an actual star.

We're back, bitches. Feast your tired eyes on the bona fide badassery here on offer - it has been months and months. You gotta be there to make heard your existential scream-whimpers.

Only THREE of these valiant lionhearts will capture a Loving Cups of Deathless Fucking Glory - lend your voice to this crucial decision
Megan Stielstra (TRIUMPH) vs Emily Rose (TRAGEDY)
Corrbette Pasko (POWER) vs Lily Be (JUSTICE)
Janna Sobel (BALLOT) vs Noelle Krimm (BULLET)

$10 at the door

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